How I've saved energy and reduced my bills

  • 25 June 2017
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Since having our smart meters fitted it has made us very aware of saving energy and bills. Heres a few of out tips.
Only wash up twice a day, after breakfast and again in the evening. Never ever rinse crockery under hot running water always use a bowl in the sink and run off only as much hot eater as you need.
In the shower turn the water off when soaping up turn it on again for rinsing the soap off.
Only use enough water in the kettle and saucepans that you actually need. Why heat up a litre of water when 0.5 litre will do.

Our current usage is gas 38p per day, electric 76p per day. Not bad for a 2 bed terraced property.

1 reply

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Great tips @Blackpool2 and welcome to our forum!!

I've tweaked the title and added some tags to help others find this. I have also set it as a featured topic so it appears on the homepage as it would be great to encourage others to share their tips, especially if they've had a smart meter fitted.

Don't forget to add a profile picture and update your profile, this will help us and others get to know you!

Thanks again for sharing how well you've done with your energy usage! Keep up the good work!