Full energy breakdown - this something you should offer!

  • 25 July 2017
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I don't find the information about my usage very enlighting. When I use the average comparison graph I find I use half as much electricity and 20% more gas than the average despite being a medium-low consumer. The information just doesn't look right and it doesn't tell you anything. From the statement about the Department for Energy and Climate Change I guess OVO pass the responsibility for the poor data on to them. I did ask OVO about being able to download my usage data and sort out my own analysis but apparently, that feature is not available; if I want that information I have to get it manually from my bills.
I am quite interested in my energy usage pattern and one reason I switched to OVO was my (mis)understanding that they were interested in better information as well.

1 reply

Hi @dunromin

It's a shame you're disappointed with the level of information we can offer at the moment. However we're always looking for ways to develop and improve our customers' experience and I'll make sure your feedback is passed onto the team.

I've also edited your topic title to make it easier to find and added a few extra tags.