Customer usage and blaming OVO when its not OVO's fault!

  • 21 March 2017
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Reading recent posts on Facebook, I am just getting a little bit annoyed at peoples continual moaning about Ovos prices and there high cost for energy use age, I thought I would put my point of view across.

Point 1, the standing charge. This is required to cover the cost of repair or replacement of all pipes/cable supplying your property. Have you ever had to pay for any repairs to be done if a fault occurs to these pipes or cables and they do occur!

Point 2, the use age costs. People have been moaning about their cost of gas and electric, especially at this time of year. Well the weather is poor, the heating is on, the tumble dryer is used much more and the lights are on from early evening. Even if you are out working all day but have the heating on timed or on all day, this still needs to be paid for! Get over it people, this is called life!

Point 3, moaning about being under quoted for there cost of gas and electric. Well, the quotes Ovo and other suppliers give potential customers are worked out on the figures YOU give them! So if you pay more than what you were quoted, that could be your fault and not the energy suppliers.

Point 4, Continually changing supplier trying to find the best deal is a bad thing to do. You need to be with a supplier at least 18 months to 2 years to accurately get your use age to find out if there are any better deals and normally by that time you would be content with where you are. We have certainly seen a huge difference between winter and summer use age and are planning a way forward to on PAYG+ to accommodate the increased use age in the winter without having to find extra money.

Point 5, before blaming every one else, take a step back and ask what advice you could get on saving energy. Ask where information can be obtained to see if there is anything that can be done to reduce energy costs. Check the timing of your heating in the winter and see if it can be adjusted to save energy without compromising your comfort. None of us are perfect BUT there is such a vast amount of information out there that we could all do our bit in reducing energy costs. I am interest to see what other people have to say about what I have said and hear their opinions or if I have missed any points that they feel strongly about. I look forward to some others opinions.

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