Anyone else had problems getting a refund when they are in credit?

  • 8 August 2019
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Anyone else had problems getting money that they are in credit with back I'm £250 in credit cheers

9 replies

Yep it's one of the reasons I came back to ovo but like you said it's not up to the same standard as say 3/4 years ago
After 15 (15!) minutes on hold to Ovo on the phone, I was told the refund system is 'broken' and they'll do it on the phone.

So after ignoring my email, and making me wait on the phone a long time, I finally have a partial (but not full) refund of my balance. They'd only give me £500 of the £720, but it's a start, hey.

This could all have been avoided if the website was clearer 'sorry there is a problem with online refunds and we're working to fix that' would have prevented me getting all angry about this.

As it stands though, my decision to leave and go to Octopus is made. They're cheaper, and in the days when OVO were ignoring my emails, Octopus contacted me twice, to confirm they could take on my SMETS1 meter from OVO, and this includes emailling me about it on a Sunday.

Octopus are being like OVO were until recently. No wonder they're slipping down the rankings.
OK cheers Andy nice one
Some info that might help:
Critically in my case:
You can ask for a refund if your balance is £25 – or more – higher than one month’s Direct Debit.

So when I look at my payments screen, apply for a refund is not lit, because while I do have a positive balance, its not as much as one month DD +£25.

As above, I have used this process before, and it works fine, get the money back within a few days, no quibbles.
Thanks for your honest reply, I will keep plugging away and let you know how I get on, all the best.
Yep. Used to be able to press a button on the website, and have the refund in days.

Now all I have is "email us at hello@ovo " and nothing. OVO still have my £700 and not much clue about getting it back.

No idea how I get the refund now. I think I'm going to leave and go to Octopus

I wish I'd known how far downhill Ovo had gone before renewing for 2 years, but right now, I'm willing to take the exit penalty.
Thank you for the link, doesn't really help me, and the way ovo held back my gas statement and just sent my electric bill without any notification, because in in credit on my gas doesn't help. I sent my meter reads in July too.
Just niggles, the fact, if the shoe was on the other foot I'd be paying it back pronto no questions or I'd have a ppym Meter fitted and be on a payment plan.
Giving my readings on next bill due date if not sorted then, will look into it further.
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This topic on the refund process might offer some help, @Tufty71 ☺
None at all, I've done it a few times over the years with Ovo.