why i am i waiting so long for my application for SEG tariff


We had solar panels installed on the jubilee weekend in 2022 so nearly a year ago


I made the application immediately to ovo

After hearing nothing for weeks i chased the application up and was told that i needed a new smart meter

This was installed promptly- BUT still no news regarding the seg application 


So i chased up again in October 2022 when i was told there was still some paperwork that i hadn't supplied 


I then submitted all the documents that were requested and expected to be contacted reasonably promptly 


Yet again months passed with still no contact


So i raised a negative review on trust pilot 

This prompted an actual response where unbelievably i was told yet more documents were required!!! Why all documents were not requested at the start i do not know 

If i was cynical i would say its a delaying tactic whilst we are subsidising the electricity grid with our excess electricity!


It is now 3 weeks since I submitted this final lot of documents and I am still waiting 


I have been told that my application will be backdated to the date of my original submission date. Unfortunately I have lost all faith in ovo ever completing my application as it has taken that long 


Has anyone else waited as long and actually had a resolution?


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Hey @Martineat,


Sorry for the issues you’re having,


I know that our FiT and SEG Team are very busy at the moment, and can understand how frustrating that must be. You can email the team on


Taken from the following topic:



Where can I find the application forms? 


You can find our application form and supporting documents guide here. Once completed you’ll need to email this (as well as the supporting documents) to our SEG team at They’ll review your application and if eligible you’ll receive a welcome email confirming the tariff and payment information within 6 weeks of applying.


The below topics may have some helpful advice:





Pointless emailing the seg team

I have done that on numerous occasions and all I get is an automated response saying that they will be in touch soon 

But they never ever do and its always down to me to chase things 


If nothing happens by next month i will escalate the issue to ofgem as its now becoming a joke 

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Hey @Martineat,


Really sorry to hear that you’re not getting through to the SEG Team.


You can find out more about our Complaints Procedure on the website.


I hope this gets resolved for you as soon as possible.