What time does cheaper rate apply on Charge Anytime

  • 25 January 2023
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Hi. I’ve just signed up for Charge Anytime and everything seems to be working correctly. I’m just not sure what times the lower rate is applied (for example is it between 11pm to 7am). Or is it applied whenever a schedule is active and urgent charge is not used? If I changed the schedule to ensure full charge was reached by say 4pm instead of the default 7am, would the lower rate apply? I can’t find this information anywhere and the call centre didn’t know either.

4 replies

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Hey @craig310 !

The Anytime Rates are applied 24/7/365 as long as you’re using Smart Charging. This doesn’t mean your EV will always charge 24/7/365, but using it this way will ensure you get the cheaper rates. There’s no set schedule for this to happen though as it’s dynamic. You schedule charging as part of Smart Charging, this too will get the cheaper rates.

Boost Charging will override and be charged at full rate, but will charge immediately regardless.

Thanks for replying. I still don’t really understand why you would use the boost/immediate charge function at a higher rate. Surely you can just set the time you need the full charge to be reached for one,two,three..hours time and it will start charging immediately (at the lower rate).

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I think the boost function is to be used in case your situation changes and you need a top up charge quickly. The timed function doesn’t necessarily switch on full immediately 

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I understood that the system will charge when electricity is low carbon/off peak - so it won’t necessarily start charging immediately as you suggest @craig310