Went from OVO Drive to Simpler Energy and now smart charger link to online account broken?

  • 10 August 2022
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With the sky high prices for renewal of Drive Anytime, we allowed our contract to roll over to the standard variable rate, and forego cheap EV charging at 5p/kWh. That has caused our Indra smart charger link to OVO to break. We used to be able to get the costs for car charging with the link, but now it just hangs. I have had ChargedEV look into it, and they have installed the single rate, but the OVO link is still broken. AFAIK our solar charging option is still working to preferentially charge from solar, but at the moment, I have little confidence in what the system is doing. Has anyone else had experience of going from Drive to the standard variable rate with a smart charger?


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4 replies

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I guess the title needs changing to ‘My OVO’ if an admin can do that please.

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I’ve flagged this to our Zero Carbon Living team and they’ve asked me for account details. Are you able to email them this, @tony1tf? - include a link to this topic to catch them up and don’t forget to pop back here with an update!

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I had a reply back from them on 2nd September:

“It's now been escalated to the software developers, as it doesn't sound like considerations were made for how Anytime savings are displayed after the addon expires. They don't have a timescale for when improvements will be made unfortunately.”

Nothing further from them. I am hoping that the new price caps will allow me to rejoin Drive Anytime, but I can’t see any plans available at the moment, so I am just having to use my smart charger for selecting times when we are generating solar power - like a ‘Zappy’ but a bit clunkier.



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Hey @tony1tf,


Sorry for the experience you’ve had.


Due to the volatility of the market, I can’t say when fixed rate tariffs will be offered again, or if OVO Drive will be included in that. Now that the Energy Price Guarantee has been bought in by the Government there seems less clarity about whether it is beneficial for fixed plans to return.  


It’s great that it’s now been escalated to the software developers so hopefully provisions can be made for this in the future. 


Keep us posted with any updates as this might help other customers in a similar position.