Solar and home storage battery

  • 22 June 2022
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Hi all I had Solar bank and have now added Tesla Powerwall 2. The two provide more solar power than I  can use in summer. My usage from grid has dropped zero. I also have all electric car that is also run only by solar in summer. The Battery allows me to buy electricity from grid at any time or day or night. Do Ovo energy sell cheap spare electricity. Winter time I will only have to charge battery for 4 hours to run house. Octopus energy have tariff called GO that give you 4 hours at £0.075 kwh for people with EV cars. I also understand that the grid in winter  time has over supply of wind energy. Tesla do tariff for powerwall owner’s sell at £0.12 kwh and buy in at £0.12 kwh via Octopus energy. Do Ovo energy have tariff to fit my needs.

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