ovo too restrictive on EV home chargers for anytime

  • 3 August 2022
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Hello, so can some explain why ovo anytime is limited to so few home charger units.  My chargers company has tried to reach out but the list is still 2or3 acceptable chargers.  Surly the cars app and the 1/2 hourly meter reads would suffice anyway.


Do I have to move to octopus 🐙

6 replies

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As the +Anytime option splits EV charging from home usage it needs to have a way of recording how much electricity is being used solely for car charging. Kaluza’s  software also has to be able to work its magic using its AI algorithms to optimise when the car will charge, maximising the use of times of low energy demand. I’m sure further integration may well be coming soon as things develop, but it can be quite a big task to get everything working properly on a range of setups.

It’s the same reason that the Octopus Intelligent tariff is only currently supported for Ohme chargers or Tesla, Ford, Land Rover, VW and Jaguar cars at present. Of course, with this tariff you don’t generally get the option for charging during the day, which is the USP of +Anytime.


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Great to see, @nealmurphy giving the technical explanations there, @1954hlm.


Just a quick heads-up, we’re planning to extend Drive Anytime eligibility in the near future. Check out the thread below for the latest updates:


i appreciate the feedback, but as my contract ends shortly i need to understand a timeframe for FORD cars/App being “connected” to the EV Anytime system.

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As Ford is compatible with the Intelligent Octopus tariff it may suggest that it's one of the easier makes to get working with systems like +Anytime. I agree a better idea on timescales would be beneficial for everyone.

Being impartial, I would maybe suggest locking in a decent EV rate now before they go up again (I have a feeling this could be soon). Then you could always move to +Anytime as soon as your setup is compatible.

thanks neal