My Electric Vehicle (EV) Holiday Experience - From Surrey to Devon (and Back)

My Electric Vehicle (EV) Holiday Experience - From Surrey to Devon (and Back)

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I like the idea already, you should go for it!

You could potentially even have the app give directions to that charger, but I know a way to save yourself a bit of hassle with such a feature - simply get the default maps app on the device to do the actual routing and have your app merely pass the location to said maps app via intents. Not only does that save you the trouble of building those features yourself, but it also makes the app way easier and cheaper to run in the long term.

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Sadly this is all true.


I DID do my devon trip 1 year on (still need to write it up fully) but key points are:


1. There ARE new chargers out there.

2. The old ones mostly fall into disrepair if not owned by : BP Pulse, Shell or Chargepoint.

3. The competition for chargers in 1 year has lead to many times a 2+hr queue for chargers on motorway services and 90mins plus elsewhere. Charging infrastructure just isn't keeping up at all. Actually to the point my next car may HAVE to ve a tesla simply to access wider chargung infra. (I would love if the lucid air however comes over as that 500 mile range solves all my issues and supports ccs2 therefore v2g)

My advice is to plan plan and plan backups. Find pubs with destination chargers and phone up checking a) if they work and b) if you book a table can you book the charger, its often happening now this is possible!


In fact, I am tempted to create a charger booking app and site to support this.


A great summary of your latest trip there, @Jequinlan (don’t worry we can be patient waiting for that full write-up!)


And sure some of our other EV members would be on-board with the EV charger booking app - What do you think @nealmurphy, @sylm_2000, @PeterR1947  - Is he on to a winner with that one? :oncoming_automobile:

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Such a system would be fantastic but I can’t imaging how it would work with the current infrastructure.  All new Motorway Charge pumps installed by Gridserve have removed one Chademo plug option so the Leaf can only charge at one pump; we are now at the point where I’m looking for off the motorway chargers to avoid queuing; these by Shell Recharge, Instavolt and Osprey tend to be more reliable.