i need to reboot Indra Smart Pro each time I want to charge using Charge Anytime


So I come home in the evening plug car in and get the 4 flashing white lights. Wake up middle of night check Kaluza and it says idle waiting to charge. Then I get up unplug car, reboot Indra charger, plug back in when solid white main led appears and presto. Simply cannot go on like this. I have contacted OVO and Indra followed all suggestions and still the same thing. I have asked OVO and Indra when the Kaluza issue, which prevents Charge Anytime users from using the Indra App, will be resolved . Last answer I got was later this year. Anyone else experiencing the same? Any tips on a better way to resolve?




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Sorry to hear, @Gary_M. Sounds similar to the issue here:



Have you made the Smart Home team aware: Keep us updated on this as I’m sure it will help others. 


Thanks Tim, yes I have called several times. Deleted the schedule then re-entered and then it works once. Note looked at the other similar issue and I confirm I do not get red lights. I suspect this is linked to the ongoing issue with Kaluza not being compatible with the Indra latest software release. When ChargedEV installed they put me on the latest Indra software version. That did not work and many calls later the team downgraded me to the earlier version. OVO really need to get on top of this as I can see other customers facing a similar issue. I would add that this is not connectivity on my side as the lights always behave as expected. Perhaps some guidance on how to use the schedule on the web version of the Indra app which I understand is actually a Kaluza web interface. Thank you for the quick response.

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Hi @Gary_M thanks for this extra info. 


I’m not sure if you’ve done this already as you mentioned calling several times - perhaps you got transferred to the Smart Home team. They don’t have a direct number but can be emailed using the address I mentioned. They’re best placed to help and can communicate with Indra, Kaluza and yourself to work out the next steps for this charger issue.