Getting more from your solar PV panels with a Tesla Powerwall 2

  • 22 June 2022
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Had problem of in summer exporting spare electric. Sometimes house load was more than solar output so had to buy day time and over night electric. Have just had Powerwall 2 fitted.

My summer usage has dropped to £0.02 day.  Finding that I can charge my EV car free also.

If needed powerwall 2 can charge from grid at any time of day or night. Helps grid and cut my electric cost but at £9800 fitted my take time to pay for its self. The most important thing to me allowing me to cut my carbon output. So do we  need fossil fuels, just south facing roof and British sunshine. Sorry title should be “ Get more from solar bank” Stupid forum wont let me change it😥

2 replies

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What a set up, @k1ms - have you done the numbers to estimate a return on investment from date? 


Will your usage habits have to change in the winter with lower generation from the sun? What tariff are you using to maximise this? 

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When you work out numbers on today price of electricity it will take over ten year to break even.

Every time the unit of electricity increases pay back time decreases .  When you also look at tariff like Agile prices for electricity on Saturday 11 June between  1300 and 1600 hours people  were being paid to use power. My battery charges from grid at 3.3 kwh . 9.9kwh free. + 21 kwh into car free. With the grid having more wind power each year without any storage they will have time when supply outstrips demand. Will the grid make a loss on wind power or sell at low price. My need for power are only in the winter when solar generation is low and wind power is high.

My EV everwhere tariff ends this August so looking for tariff that matches my needs with green electricity. Have had quote for £0.075 kwh between 0030 to 0430 hours with £0.35 kwh day rate. Would like to stay with Ovo if they had same tariff but higher night rate would increasing battery payback time. and costs.

I feel that battery is good for myself and grid and hopefully for Electric retailers helping them balance loads. With Ripple Energy you can invest in wind power and save on Electric costs. Tesla have tariff for powerwall users with sell at £012 kwh and buy at £0.12 kwh. With 10000 tesla batteries you are looking at 50000 kwh to grid if needed or 16666 electric kettles.