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  • 28 October 2021
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Electric Vehicle (EV) Review Topic Hub
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Our Community members give the Lowdown on their EV Wheels


With the important role they play in driving us towards a greener future, we’re proud to be part of the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. Find out about our exclusive EV tariff - OVO Drive and Anytime Add-on.


The leap to a new way of driving can raise many questions which is why we’re building a community of in-the know-users, on hand to share tips and advice. We’ve collected together some of the best EV Reviews they’ve posted over the past few years so you can find out more from their first-hand EV experience:









Want to find out more about a particular model? Why not ask below as there’s a chance we might just have someone with this EV already in our midst?


Got an EV and want to share your own experience of choosing and driving it? Why not write a quick review over here (Don’t forget to include some snaps!) - You never know you might just see it added to this Topic Hub where it can help future and potential EV owners! :oncoming_automobile::red_car::blue_car:

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