Discussion: Charging EVs without a driveway - should the council do more for EV owners?

  • 6 February 2019
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I bought a tesla recently and without a big driveway i was charging it on road running cable throught pavement.
Went fine for two weeks and now had a visit from local police station because someone compalined they were not happy with a cable running over pavement.
local council is not helping and taking any responsibility.
I either need to sell the car or buy a new house which i cant afford.
I cant understand when there is no encouragement from council for electric charging when you dont have private drive how people will switch to electric cars?

6 replies

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when you dont have private drive how people will switch to electric cars?

This is such a good question, @majidsha I want to reach out to other EV owners that use this forum - hopefully they can relate and offer some advice:

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when you dont have private drive how people will switch to electric cars?
They charge at public charge points as shown in www.zap-map.com or www.plugshare.com

Depending on where you live, there will be chargers from different companies not too far away. There are Polar rapid chargers within a mile of both my daughters' homes. BP are staring to put chargers on their forecourts and many hotels and supermarkets are starting to install them.

Then there are Tesla superchargers in your case.
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This is a really good question. Living close to both Hull and York we can see a huge difference in the efforts of the local authorities in each of those areas. Public chargers are few and far between in and around Hull, but they are easy to find in York, certainly at the main shopping areas.

There needs to be many more kirbside chargers or non drive owners will be cut out of the ev revolution. I would like to see it a planning permission requirement that all new build homes, including flats, come with access to chargers, whether they have their own drive or not. Most come with a parking space, so even if the wiring infrastructure for a charger to be installed when needed.
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Were you using a cable cover?
I don't recall which local authority it was, but at least one cut a narrow slot in the pavement to enable off street charging.

Lamp post charging seems to be this years big idea. Councils can probably get a grant from central government.
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Move to Milton Keynes.., we have hundreds of charging points all over the city. Outside Council Offices, City Centre Car Parks, Multi Storey Car Parks, Libraries, Supermarkets, it seems MK has gone EV mad and yet statistically the uptake for EV vehicles is very slow.

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