Direct to Vehicle (D2V) EV charging - what's the latest?

  • 25 July 2022
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Any update on the DtV charging for customers who do not have the OVO approved charging units. 


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5 replies

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A great question, @cmccullie.


Have you spotted this similar thread yet?



We’re waiting on an update from the team but will be sure to share on any news when we hear more.


I was told by a member of the team, that I couldn’t have EV charging without a charger due to my vehicle MG ZS EV not being on an approved list, this is due to no ‘application’ on that vehicle. Until that changes there won’t be any. So I just plod on , on the 3 pin at OVO’s rate If OVO know any different please holla’


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Sorry mate, I gave up waiting for OVO plenty of companies out there who will give you EV charging tariffs, I eventually went with Octopus and now enjoy EV tariff at 7pkW, strange they are able to connect to my cars computer and plan charging sessions to coincide with greenest periods, is this not what OVO proport to offer. Is Octopus’s IT or technology so much better than OVO?

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@russcolesmith I can see the MG is indeed on the ‘not currently supported’ list. Not much help to you at this stage, but as cmccullie points out, there are other EV tariffs on the market. Likewise you might consider a smart charger a) because they’re just great, b) they can be used with Charge Anytime no matter what EV you have


Hi Tim, Due to my parking location , fuse box , and groundworks required , it’s not cost effective to have  a charger in the property, the cost would be upward of £3,000.00.


My solution is to run a cable directly to my vehicle [next to nothing cost]. I was obviously just interested in the lower rate, to make things more cost effective, for a simple overnight charge. Is there any timescale for a solution with MG.