COP26 - discuss the latest news from the Glasgow climate conference

  • 25 October 2021
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COP26 - discuss the latest news from the Glasgow climate conference
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What’s the latest from COP26


This autumn, the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) is being hosted in the UK. From 31 October to 12 November, 30,000 climate experts, world leaders, campaigners and representatives from 200 countries will come together in Glasgow. These people will be making world-changing, planet-saving decisions, in the most critical climate summit ever. 


We’ve outlined some key elements and events taking place during COP in our guide here, and we’ll be posting updates, news and discussion points throughout this historic event. There’s going to be some big, important topics covered, and we want to hear your side! Post below any news you hear, any big announcements or talking points. Let’s make sure people are talking about this!


What are OVO up to for COP26?


If you’re in Glasgow over the next few weeks, make sure to see our guide outlining what we’re doing, including:

  1. EXTREME Hangout powered by OVO
  2. Sustainable Pleasures: Your guide to a zero carbon lifestyle
  3. Ride OVO Bikes for free! 
  4. OVO’s Wee Forests
  5. OVO and BritainThinks’ Net Zero Diaries
  6. Get Nature Positive campaign


Come and join the conversation! 


Climate change is the most important issue of our time, and it’s deadly serious. But there’s no reason why we can’t come together, meet new people and have a bit of fun while we share our ideas. We’d love you to join us! You can register for tickets here, but if you can’t get to Glasgow, remember we’ll be live streaming the whole event, so tune in and get involved! Our live streaming link will be available shortly. 


Got Twitter? Follow the COP26 channel (here @COP26) or via their main webpage here, to hear about the latest news, and join in the conversation by leaving a comment below this topic. Remember, to get to zero carbon, we need a community!



26 replies

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Two tweets posted today by the @COP26 twitter account, here and here relating to a new Climate Conference delivery plan. Link to the doc here.


Related reading for anyone interested in learning more:




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Have you been getting up to speed on the challenges of climate change and need some cheering up?


I recommend reading our first transcribed answer from our ‘Ask me anything’ event with OVO Energy’s Sustainability Director, Rebecca Heaton:



Rebecca describes how COP26, and all the attention it’s getting, is in itself a reason to be positive! As is the progress OVO has been making to get to Net Zero. Read our Plan Zero 2020 report here:



Sneak peak:



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Ahead of COP next week, here is Energy UK's latest report 'Towards Net Zero Emissions'.


It’s only 14 pages. Well worth a look! 

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Cop26 has started. Help us to keep this thread updated with things of interest!


See the Opening of the Conference, streamed live on the 31st October, here:



And here’s the Opening Ceremony - World Leaders Summit, live as of Monday the 1st:



Also, if you’re in Glasgow:


Free OVO Bike rides for COP26


See our OVO Bikes page here for more info



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Some great news for our forests seen at COP26 yesterday with a pledge made to end deforestation.


This links nicely to this question Rebecca Heaton answered during our recent AMA event:


Nice to see the carbon-capturing potential of the world’s trees being recognised and protected. :deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree::deciduous_tree:

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The latest from OVO Newswire:


Cop26 UPDATE: A plan to coordinate the global introduction of clean technologies in order to rapidly drive down their cost has been agreed at the Cop26 summit by world leaders representing two-thirds of the world’s economy.⁠

More than 40 nations said they would align standards and coordinate investments to speed up production and bring forward the “tipping point” at which green technologies are more affordable and accessible than fossil-fuelled alternatives. At that point, the green transition and cuts in climate emissions accelerate rapidly towards a net zero economy.”


Article from the Guardian here

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We’re excited to hear more about ‘Sustainable Pleasures’ at the OVO hosted COP fringe event today, featuring our very own Rebecca Heaton!


Check out the Livestream of this interesting panel discussion here:earth_americas:

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Check out the Livestream of this interesting panel discussion here:earth_americas:


And currently streaming on the same link: Live or dead? A zero carbon future for music

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Loved the mention Rebecca made during the discussion this morning about the need we have in the UK for more foresters. Which was also highlighted by the response she gave to @Tim_OVO’s great question at our recent AMA:



Anyone else feeling inspired to re-train? :wink:



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Another great discussion happening today - This one’s on Climate Justice and chaired by Krishnan Guru-Murphy.


Great to see some inspiring climate activists and minority voices getting a platform. :muscle:

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Personally very interested to watch this National Youth Theatre performance based on eco-anxiety. 


The live-stream is just about to kick off here:



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Monday morning and we’re back with some more inspiring COP26 fringe events for you.


This Rainforest Alliance talk on community forest management sounds super interesting (I’m hoping to hear how this relates to the Tiny Forests project) and starts at 10.  :blush:

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Inspired by the potential sustainable use of forests discussed this morning, we’ve just posted the latest AMA topic by our favourite forester, Rebecca Heaton:



Get the chance to hear the Rainforest Alliance discussion, @Jeffus?

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Making sustainable food choices is the topic of the next COP fringe event I’ll be tuning in to at 3pm:




Wonder if they can give me some inspiration of what to make with the red cabbage I got in last weeks veg box!

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Happy Tuesday from another jam-packed day of COP fringe events.


First on my must-watch list is this panel discussion on ‘Changing consumer behaviour’ which goes live at 10:



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Another COP Livestreamed event is about to start over here


‘Young women and climate justice: Fight for our rights’ :muscle: - I’m all for female empowerment so looking forward to this one!


@juliamc , @Gingernut49, @Gum168 @Bev 

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Today’s theme of COP fringe events is Transport, so I’m sure they’ll be some interesting discussions around the future potential of EVs.


The first livestreamed event around legislating for a sustainable transport system starts at 10:

“Transport systems have radically transformed our relationship to the world around us. Past generations have made transport more accessible, faster, and cheaper, but not sustainable. In 2016 transportation accounted for 24% of global C02 emissions - in the context of the climate crisis, this poses a serious problem. Join this panel session to hear more about the future of sustainable transport and how we can design and legislate for future generations.”

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Just in time for my lunch break, is this interactive session on Formula E (starts at 1pm):


 As I recently discovered Formula 1 isn’t a total snooze-fest (Thanks to Formula 1: Drive to Survive) I’m keen to learn more about how this is evolving to become a carbon friendly sport. :race_car:

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I’m sure the upcoming livestream is going to be an interesting one for our many EV drivers here:


Where to next? The road to clean transport for all (Hosted by National Grid)

It is clear that modern transportation is not sustainable, and has significantly contributed to climate change – new systems must be embraced urgently. Zero carbon emitting vehicles will need to dominate the next generation of transport. The question is, how can this be achieved, and how can we ensure that there is a high level of accessibility and affordability for all?


Starts at 5 in case you’re keen to check it out! 


@Transparent, @juliamc, @Jequinlan, @sylm_2000, @Gingernut49, @PeterR1947, @Gum168, @Jeffus, @nealmurphy, @ArundaleP, @hydrosam, @MrPuds, @tesla_model_3, @NinjaGeek 

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All these streamed topics have caught me on a very busy week.

However, on the matter of Transport I would like to see the UK push forward our progress towards autonomous electric vehicles.

We are no longer have to match our laws with the EU and we could readily start by setting up trials in off-highway locations, such as disused railway tracks.

Once the public have open access to such vehicles on our roads, the need to have your own electric car is much reduced.

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Not to worry @Transparent - There’s the chance to watch the recordings of any talks that peak your interest, at a later date here.


The Youtube videos we’re embedding also remain accessible once the live stream ends.


A bit more of a leftfield one this lunch time, ‘Being Salmon, Being Human’ starts at 1 - The title alone has got me interested!:




“The acclaimed storytelling and yoik performance “Being Salmon, Being Human” is inspired by Dr. Martin Lee Mueller’s award-winning book by the same name. The performance takes us on a journey through the extraordinary lives of wild salmon – sentient beings who are born in rivers, traverse the oceans, and return towards the end of their lives to their birth rivers to spawn and gift forward more life. The performance explores what becomes of this awe-inspiring creature and her journey in the face of an expansive, profit-driven feedlot industry. Mueller appears on stage alongside renowned circumpolar sound poet Torgeir Vassvik and folklorist and storyteller Tiril Bryn. The storytelling unfolds alongside Vassvik’s evocative, haunting soundscape. Together we take a deep-dive into the pancultural encounter between humans and their wild and domesticated animal companions, into stories told since time immemorial, practical knowledge passed on through the generations, and wisdom carried into our time through ancient music. We encounter some of the warriors who have recently stood up in defence of traditional fishing rights and territories. And we encounter her, the sentient being. Born with a fierce determination to tune in to the speech of all things – to rain shower, lunar cycle, earth’s magnetism, algae bloom, or blue whale’s thousand-mile chant – she learns, as she matures, to think like the ocean. She becomes the ocean thinking itself within her. What is it like to be her? What is it like to be her feedlot cousin, whose life cycle is determined by the demands of a global capital market? How do we grasp that modern story of exploitation? And what clues do we find both in the wisdom of old and in contemporary science to stand up against the suffering of these present days, to unweave dysfunctional stories, and to re-story the ancient human-Earth relationship?”


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As a happy city-dweller I’m really keen to hear how our urban centres can be made more green. Bristol might be doing a pretty good job so far, but I’m sure there’s improvements to be made both here and in cities globally.


‘Building Greener Cities’ Live stream starts at half 2 over here:

The session will be run by people who work at a governmental level. They will explore the role of politicians in turning their boroughs/cities/metropolitan areas into greener, healthier hubs to tackle global warming while acknowledging the issue of economic class to make the swift fairer for everybody.

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The final day of COP fringe events is upon us. Today’s theme is Culture and the arts and our first top tip is ‘Advertising a Good Life in 2030’, a documentary being streamed at 10:




Join us for the premiere of A Good Life 2030, a documentary exploring the link between advertising, consumption and climate change together with new adverts for 2030 created by top advertising agencies. Hear talks from the Co-Founders of Purpose Disruptors exploring the tensions people in advertising feel at this moment and the role they can play in creating new visions of the future. Ones that we can move towards together, today.

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A nice lunchtime panel discussion on the role Art and culture plays in addressing the Climate Crisis (starts at 12), featuring Brian Eno, Amitav Ghosh, Ben Okri and Neil Gaiman (amongst others - There are some of my fave writers there so I for one am really looking forward to this!):



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So that’s it. After 2 weeks of international discussion and debate, the biggest and most important climate summit to date is over. 


So what was achieved? What does it mean for our planet? And what happens now? Read OVO’s summary to find out:


A summary of COP26: what was agreed, what does it mean, and what happens next?


What do we think? I hate that question because it’s too vague. Should that be ‘what do we feel’? Do we feel new hope? Do we feel worse then before? It’s a tricky one to gauge… I’m keen to hear from anyone on this, perhaps just so that I can feel a little more sure about how I feel about it. 


Either way, COP26, over and OUT