Can my vehicle to grid (V2G) charger be programmed when to export if switching to another supplier?

  • 15 September 2021
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Hi, I am looking to switch from OVO to probably Octopus. The V2G with OVO was nowhere near as profitable as they said it would be, I ended up paying a lot more than before…

I would probably go with Octopus agile so I could use electricity from the car battery rather than the grid at expensive times if it's a doable.

If anyone have experience switching over to Octopus I will appreciate your advice.

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7 replies

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Sorry to hear you’re planning on leaving us, @Andras.


I’ve checked this one with the team in terms of the function of your V2G charger following a switch away. They’ve advised that once you’re trial period ends you’re free to switch and we could leave the charger in export mode so you’d be able to export via another supplier if they support this. The app would remain active so you’d be able to continue managing your charging as before.


I’m obviously not in a position to comment on what other suppliers might be offering in terms of a V2G plan but wonder if any of our other V2G trialists might be in a better position to offer some advice there!  - @D10hul@ArundaleP@Jequinlan@sylm_2000 


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Hi @Andras @Jess_OVO 

I too am leaving OVO counting down the days !, its been a real education but the unit has more potential with other suppliers. 


Now down to control, to unit is controlled by Kaluza platform and this will follow suite in a similar pattern to the Octopus Agile Tariff, at the moment there is no physical parameter control. Its on the cards for the future as far as I know. I know of a few who are on Agile with this unit and they are working well, especially with solar. At the Moment its big numbers in and out but some screen grabs I have seen people are making £4-5 a day on V2G alone ! 


As for ending your trial ensure you stay until your trial end date so you get to keep the unit, like me this might also involve a short stint on the variable Tariff, but don't worry its cheaper than the actual fixed tariff !!!

Good luck with what ever you choose to do, I chose to leave OVO as they don't fully support EV drivers with the duel fuel Tarif needed ( Gas and electric ) to access the OVO drive. 

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Wow. I never thought it could be switced to exporr and move from OVO. I like OVOs service and believe they try hard but indeed finances matter and the removal of bp pulse from ev tarrifs shocked me and really disappointed.  


It doesn’t feel like ev drivers are beinf catered for tarrif wise by ovo yet. I will give them a few more months to decide but am concerned if they can get thier act together 

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A timely discussion I think. Last year I posted an article considering my options of when the trial ends however have not explored the feasibility further.

While this forum would be inappropriate to discuss other energy suppliers, my point of view remains that OVO/Kaluza has maintained a rather rigid framework within the trial (understandably), which meant many of us had not seen the anticipated benefits from the trial. 

A taxpayer-funded investment should have a clear roadmap for real-life situations like switching energy suppliers.




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@Andras have a chat with Mike Schooling at Indra. I know they were working on post trial V2G control and tariffs but I’m not sure what the final outcome was. 
Please post the result on here when you find out / decide what to do.

Good luck,


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Thank you @Jess_OVO for your help. 

Thank you @D10hul I am thinking along those lines, financially it's a no brainer. The trial ends in October for me and if OVO will come up with a better offer by then I will stay. 

The other annoyance came from OVO increasing my direct debit to over £100 because it doesn't take into account the export payment and then having to request a refund... 

Thank you @ArundaleP for your advice, I will try to contact Mike Schooling somehow and will let you know how I decided.

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@Andras  your having all the same issues I have had, and I am sure like many others we won't be the first to go, Don't think for one minute OVO are devastated your going ! but on the other hand Octopus are becoming a bigger and better partner for EV owners, they have people that listen and work with you and actively move forward, they even have a EV juice card and thats amazing on its own !!