Why has my gas supply been renewed but not my electricity? Only been billed for gas after renewal....

  • 1 April 2021
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Gas plan renewed not electricity have been been billed for gas but not electricity. Can someone explain this please?


1 reply

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Hi @Alasdair Milne and thanks for posting this! It’s an odd one for sure. 


This topic details a different contract start date between electricity and gas… spoiler alert: the contract end date being later was the cause, might be worth checking out: 



But if you’ve not been billed for the electricity, it tells me something’s happened that might be preventing the renewal and the bill.


Can I ask, did it appear like the online renewal went through for both fuels OK? It wasn’t like you could only see a gas renewal option?


You might be able to catch our support team on web chat, here. They go home at 6pm. But they’re open tomorrow 9-5pm and Saturday. Get them to check if there’s anything holding up that bill / renewal, and then let us know if you can!