Renewal prices are too high - do you price match?

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Appreciate prices have gone up this year @raddy59, if you signed up 2 years ago, prices were a lot lower back then, and to deliver a sustainable business to support our customers and services, we won't offer loss leading tariffs.

Might be worth checking out this OVO renewal topic, as others have been discussing this and we've been detailing why we think OVO is worth the little bit extra.
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Well, unfortunately I'm going to be saying goodbye. Coming to renew now, and compared to what I was quoted 21 days ago, has now shot up by a further £200/year, bringing it to an eye watering £1831.14 a year!!! That brings my monthly costs from £101/month, to £152.60/month! Sorry, but that is absolutely ridiculous!

Not only are the kWh rates not as competitive as many other providers (including the 'big 6'), but the standing charge is one of, if not THE, most expensive one out there at 27.4p/day fir both electricity AND gas!

OK I switched today.
They say it will take up to 21 days - I have 10 days left on my current plan
What happens at day 11 if the switch hasn't completed?
I think you will find that you revert to OVO's standard variable tariff until the switch is complete.
Switching here too - OVO's renewal prices were expensive a few weeks back but have shot up again since then.

Bulb's price is almost the same price as the 2yr fixed rate OVO deal that's expiring.