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Hi @pvpension66,

Though OVO have acquired Spark, they'll continue to operate as a separate business. Customers on supply with Spark wouldn't be eligible for the OVO Refer a Friend scheme.


Even those who are presently not a customer of Spark or Ovo, and have never had a utility bill in their own name before? How is that fair compared to someone who buys their first house and therefor do not have to deal with Spark?
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The tenants are free to choose who they'd like to be on supply with, @pvpension66. Customers on supply with OVO wouldn't be able to refer a friend to Boost or Spark or vice versa.
Does the refer a friend scheme still exist?

I filled in the form and got an email to pass on. But its (if clicked) link says the (£50) offer no longer exists.

And my new dashboard has no "Refer" capability I can find ...

Confused ... as ever.
and is it dual fuel only? Or single fuel too - daughter wants to move but Elec. only.

I appear to have 3 replies to last but no idea how to access them.

Oh and I rang OVO: £50 each deal still there providing you go through OVO and not comparison sites. Those of us on the new platform have to ring to register the referral and pass on the referee's email. Apparently it's cumbersome but 1. works, and 2. there's no alternative (I believe).
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Hi @geoffss - £50 refer a friend vouchers should still be available. It doesn't matter if it's just an electricity account or dual fuel.

Hope this helps!
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Hi, Can you tell me please if this is available if someone use Uswitch comparison site and want to switch with them? If yes how can it be applied?

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Our Refer a Friend scheme can’t be used if your friend signs up through uSwitich, @Andras, this is because uSwitch usually offer their own incentive to switch through them.


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Thank you Eva!



Hi there.

I’m trying to get my partners daughter onto Ovo using the link provided by the Refer A Friend page after I’ve logged in, but no matter what method I use, it keeps saying that the email address isn’t recognized. This is even when I use the link provided within the correct section after logging into my account.


Kind Regards
Liz Kerry.

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It sounds like this is down to a known issue, @EKerry77!


As long as your partner's daughter signs up through our website or over the phone (0330 303 5063 Monday-Friday 8am-6pm) with our team we’ll still be able to put the referral through. You’ll need to get in touch with the team via Facebook or Twitter as soon as she has come on supply with us, in your email you’ll need to confirm her name and email address and the agent can push the voucher through manually!