EV Everywhere tariff description issue

  • 26 June 2020
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EV Everywhere tariff description issue
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To EV Everywhere members


EV Everywhere members may have recently noticed a change in the title of their contract in their online account "EV Everywhere" to "2 Year Fixed". 

I wanted to let you know this in no way affects your energy rates or green energy, Smart Charger / Polar Plus bundles.

We are working to restore the naming convention within the online portal and will post an update once this is complete.


In the meantime if you have any questions please leave a comment below!


3 replies

I've signed up and tariff has changed but you can supply free 2 year polar card subscription  why?


You can't supply the 2 year free polar card  why? Can I have the subscription funded to me 

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Hello @Taz 


That doesn’t sound right, you should be eligible for Polar Plus as long as you have an EV and not already on EV Everywhere with the Smart Charger option in place.  

Please get in touch via FacebookTwitter or our Help centre has online chat, and one of our friendly care agents will further look into this for you.