whats my off peak Hours on pre payment meter

  • 10 July 2024
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Can anyone inform me of my off peak hours?

I'm on pre payment meter so I suspect they're little different to a contract, I imagine I am being ripped off by getting less hours or later start times 

5 replies

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Hi @DanTheDustman ,

Generally it’d be midnight to 7am for Economy 7 in MOST areas of the country, but some regions have different times. I need to know your region and county in order to check that - do NOT post your full address though.

Most meters have a slight offset on top of that by up to 30 minutes to avoid blowing up the National Grid - this offset will still ensure you get full hours at the appropriate times though.

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The offpeak hours are set by the DNO and are the same for every type of meter. They vary from region to region, so find yours on this map:


If you’re on a borderline, you may have to use a postcode checker to be sure which side of it you are. Alternatively, find your MPAN on your latest electricity statement. The first two digits of the 11-digit number are those of the region you’re in.

Then find your Economy 7 hours from this table:


These times are GMT, so you may have to adjust them for British Summertime. Some meters will do this automatically, others won’t. 



Thanks for the very helpful replies and sorry for my own late response 

It seems my off peak is 12pm until 7am 


Much thanks 

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I’m pleased to see our community members have helped you answer your question @DanTheDustman, pop back anytime 😊

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It seems my off peak is 12pm until 7am 


… which will in most cases mean 01:00 - 08:00 now during British Summertime.