Gas engineer not arrived for 3 appointments - off supply

  • 15 November 2023
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Just wanted to ask for some help, as we feel increasingly desperate. 

On Monday evening when going out to top up my pre payment gas card I lost the card. I rang Ovo who said that any pay point could issue a new card. I went to the nearby shop they recommended, but they did not have any Ovo gas cards. I went to 3 other shops listed on the paypoint website as issuing cards, none of whom had any ovo cards available.

The next day I rang every shop that was listed as issuing the cards in 3 different areas. Only one shop I spoke with had an SSE card available, which an advisor had told us would work. I went there and they were unable to issue the card as the tag ID came up as not valid on that scheme- I was later told by another advisor that SSE cards no longer work for Ovo. We then called Ovo again who said they would send an engineer, and they would be with us on Tuesday evening. They did not arrive.

On Wednesday morning we rang Ovo again - they apologised and said they would send another engineer, and to ring at lunchtime if they had not arrived. When they didn't arrive, we rang again. We were told that we should ask the emergency team to cancel the Wednesday morning appointment and schedule a new one. The advisor promised to ring us back in 3 hours to check someone had arrived. We were then put through to the emergency team who said the advice we had been given was bad, that the company being used were very poor quality, and that the advisor would not cancel the appointment we had scheduled on Wednesday morning, but request another appointment via emailing the engineers. The idea was that we would have 2 engineers on their way to see us. 

It is now Wednesday evening and no one has arrived. I have just rang Ovo again and they have assured me that an engineer is on the way, but have not been able to do anything other than that. We are very cold and very frustrated! Does anyone have any advice please?

5 replies

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Hey @RichardW,


I’m so sorry to hear this,


Did the engineer arrive? 


I’d advise getting a smart meter installed so that you can top up online or via an app instead of using a card. Or, there is the option to switch to pay monthly so you don’t have to worry about going of supply.


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Hi Emmanualle,

Thanks for getting back to me. Thankfully an engineer did arrive last night. He was friendly and solved the situation but was confused as to why previous appointments hadn't been attended and it didn't seem like the problem was at their end. He also spoke about how the issue with a lack of Ovo cards in local shops is something they have been telling Ovo about regularly and hasn't been rectified.

Thanks for the advice about switching to a direct debit - that was our plan but when an engineer arrived last week they had been given the wrong information by Ovo and couldn't proceed with the work. They are due to come back next week. All in all, not a great experience!

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Hi @RichardW 

Good to hear you made progress

You may be entitled to compensation under the ofgem rules. Obviously up to you if you ask OVO. Ideally it should have been automatic.

£30 for missed appointments where you don't get a days notice 

£30 if the engineer turns up with the wrong stuff

Then another £30 if the compensation is not paid within 10 working days of the event.

Am sure @Emmanuelle_OVO can give you more information if needed.




I called OVO this morning to report that my gas meter was displaying ‘battery fail’.  The lady I got on the phone was very pleasant and arranged for an emergency appointment, therefore an engineer would be within 4hrs, so before 4pm.  4.15pm arrived and still no engineer.  Called OVO back and got a very rude, abrupt lady who said ‘engineer is on his way and will be within ½ hour.  So……5pm arrives and guess what? STILL NO ENGINEER!!!  So called OVO AGAIN to be told that he may just be running late!   The guy said that the 3rd party who provides engineers was now closed so he couldn’t check - more or less saying he may arrive, he may not.  I stated I couldn’t believe they didn’t know where there engineers were and I’d been without heating and hot water since last night.  After being put on hold for over 5 mins (now sure what for), he came back on stating I would either have to call 105 or call back tomorrow, as there was nothing more he could do.  What a way to run a business - service received is absolutely shocking and totally unacceptable.

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Hi @Abartram 


I’m really sorry to hear this.


Did you call the team to get this sorted yesterday? If the issue is still not resolved, you should contact the Support Team so they can get someone out to get the meter sorted.


You may also find this topic helpful, as you may be entitled to £30 compensation for the failed appointment: