Why is there no half hourly gas meter readings or usage on my online account with a Secure SMETS1 smart meter, even when HAN, WAN are indicating no communication issues?

  • 8 September 2020
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It’s nearly 3 weeks now and the problem I have with OVO’s systems not making my half hourly gas readings available still has not been resolved.  The HAN cartouche is showing on both my electricity and gas smart meters so they appear to be communicating with each other and my total daily gas usage is being received by OVO as that is being updated on the web page.  Surely if one is being received so should the other? 

4 replies

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Thanks for posting this, @TheBatsWhiskers - I want to get a real handle on these smart communication/online account usage issue topics. I don’t have an answer here, so this is more just to get the ball rolling and seeing who else is effected. 


We need to separate these issues by several factors:


  1. Smart meter type: SMETS1 Secure vs SMETS2 Aclara vs other SMETS2 manufactured meter
  2. Billing platform: New online account vs old MyOVO portal
  3. Fuel: Gas usage/readings vs electricity usage/readings

This topic (based on what you’ve confirmed to us in other threads) is about:


SMETS1 smart meters, on the new online account, not showing your gas usage/readings. 


For anyone with this same combination of issues, I’ll be adding to this topic moving forwards! 

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@TheBatsWhiskers  did you manage to get a satisfactory result as it would be good to know. Thanks :)

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@Jequinlan one word - no.

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@Tim_OVO can you help?