Trying to register for the new online account, why is there no email link? How do set the password?

  • 19 March 2020
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I’m currently trying to send my meter readings after joining up recently.


This requires, as I understand it, creating a MYOVO account.


So, I’ve clicked on the ‘first time logging in?’ link and have inputted my email.

However, ovo is not sending a link to my email.  I’ve tried numerous times.  I’ve tried a different email.  I’m still not getting a link.  Although I’ve been sent a link when I joined this forum to ask this question!


I have an OVO ID but no password to input.


Any help appreciated it.


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Updated on 17/07/20: Please see this topic for info on fixing login issues. 

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9 replies

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Hey @Biddle 

Firstly can I say welcome to the forum! Secondly, welcome to the OVO family! Have you tried resetting your password when trying to log onto the website here:

You should hopefully receive an email asking to reset your password. From there you can login and provide your meter readings to OVO. 


Please let us know how you get on :smile:



Yes, I’ve tried that - even though I Know I have no password to reset.


I’ve tried it again after your reply, and still no link.  Starting to wear thin.

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Have you tried copying the link from your email and opening a private browsing window? Could be a caching issue.


Have you tried opening the link on another device? Are you still experiencing the same results?


“Just enter the email you used when you signed up to OVO and we'll email you a special link to set your password.”


So, I submit my email.




“If we recognised your email we'll have sent you a link to set your password.

For security reasons the link expires after 30 minutes, after which you’ll be redirected to start again.”


I’m not receiving the link in my email.  So I cannot even start to undertake the solutions you’ve kindly provided above. 


I would say ovo is not recognising my email(s) but that would cannot be true because they’ve recognised the very same email I’ve used to signup to their forum here.




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I probably know the answer but have you checked your spam/Junk folder? If so, unfortunately this is out of my hands as I am only a forum user like yourself. 

Yes I have.  Thanks for your replies, I appreciate it.

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Best thing to do would be to call OVO to the following


Phone number: 0330 303 5063



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Updated on 17/07/20: Please see this topic for info on fixing login issues.