The fix which fixed the bug to CodePush Sync needs another fix because it's slightly broken the previous fix XD

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This is another fun chapter to my adventures with smashing the OVO Energy app to pieces using Totodile. And I couldn’t resist the joke with the thread title. :rofl:

I’m definitely happy to say that the recent fixes have made CodePush Sync refreshes far less painful and the app is definitely a lot more transparent about what it’s doing at launch. But it seems that I managed to break it again just seconds after installing the latest update from the Google Play Store. Most of the details are already known, so I’ll keep this one a bit shorter. If you’d like to know more, feel free to check out some of my other threads!

In this case, I’ve now got Totodile updated with App Version 12.3.0 and CodePush Version v277. The original bugs are more or less solved now for existing installs, bar a slight snag which is also affecting new installs more severely. There’s two parts to the bug here.

As you may recall, Custom Mode in CodePush allows for progress messages to be shown during a refresh, which is definitely great to see. But it seems someone forgot to add one for when the app is checking for any pending refreshes, so there can still be long periods of spinning circle - especially on new installs (or if I clone the app into Samsung Secure Folder on Totodile and launch from there!) which still makes it seem “stuck” until CodePush Sync moves far enough through to start refreshing itself.

It also appears that v12.3.0 of the app itself might not have the updated config files for CodePush, which seems to result in the app not having the new behaviour until after the first Sync which causes CodePush to then pull down the right configs. Might be a good candidate for a 12.3.1 update! XD

Definitely a lot of good progress though, especially against six months ago!

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Took just a few ‘fixes’ out of your original title there, @Blastoise186 :smile:


More importantly, have also raised this new Codepush bug to our ever helpful App team - lets hope this one’s a simple fix! :bug:

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Haha, thanks Jess!

It’s a reference to an old Top Gear joke where the presenters could supposedly never spell Koenigsegg properly, which ended up with the ultimate joke of them using Koeniggggsenisseggsegnignigsegigisegccx2 with the Top Gear wing” on the Power Laps board for the episode where they managed to actually get the Koenigsegg CCX to actually complete a lap of the track without crashing.