OVO Energy app doesn't play well with Pop-Up View on Samsung devices - bug report

  • 13 November 2020
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As I enjoy trying to break absolutely everything I use, I’ve been playing with the OVO Energy app on my phone whenever I’ve had some spare time. And there’s definitely a few bugs that I picked up in the process. Here’s one of the early ones I found!

I’m also trying out another experiment with this, to work out a way to make these reports easy to do. Feedback is welcomed!

What’s the problem?

Trying to use the OVO Energy app with the Pop-Up View feature on certain Samsung devices can prevent you from logging in.

How do I make it happen?

  1. Launch the OVO Energy app without having logged in yet
  2. Activate Pop-Up View for the app
  3. Resize the app so that it takes up around half the space that it defaults to
  4. Try to login

What should happen when I do this?

I should still be able to scroll down and tap the login button

What happens instead?

I can’t login because there’s no way to scroll down

Is there anything else you think might be useful to know?

Yes. Pop-Up View is a feature that doesn’t exist on most Android devices and I think it’s exclusive to certain Samsung devices only, such as my Samsung Galaxy A70 running Android 10. It seems to affect the entire app, but the login screen is definitely the area where it’s most noticable.


Best answer by Tim_OVO 23 November 2020, 10:33

Update on this one, @Blastoise186 that we have raised this now as an internal ticket to be worked by our app developers. 


Thanks for flagging it to us! :sunglasses:

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7 replies

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Nice one for flagging this, @Blastoise186 :beetle:


I’ve passed it on, the way you’ve formatted this topic makes it super easy for developers to understand what the feedback is. If we get more info I will be passing on here!

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No worries Tim.

And yep, I feel this style works well too. It’s a slightly tweaked version of one that I’ve previously used elsewhere, but in a more easy read format. And trust me, I had way too much fun with this bug! And I also grabbed a screenshot as an example.

Nope, this isn’t photoshopped!

I also feel the forums definitely work well for these too, as it helps other members to know that a bug like this has been flagged. :sunglasses:

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Devs are just looking at this topic now, @Blastoise186. Will share any useful info if/when we have it. :blush:

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If they need more help with this, I can capture a screen recording as well. But it would have to remain private as it’s not easy to prevent personal info getting leaked.

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Just a quick extra note on this one, having fiddled with the app a bit more within Secure Folder.

It looks like it is possible to sort-of workaround this bug if you make use of the keyboard. Some (but not all) Android keyboards have a way to navigate between fields on a form just by using the keyboard alone, rather than scrolling around the app. It’s also possible to submit the form too and login from there. A bit hacky and not ideal, but it sort of works.

Unless that is… You want to reset your password! :wink:

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Update on this one, @Blastoise186 that we have raised this now as an internal ticket to be worked by our app developers. 


Thanks for flagging it to us! :sunglasses:

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Nice one! No worries Tim :slight_smile:

You’ll be amazed at how many apps I can break with features like Pop-Up View. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s one of those features that not every device has and it also requires a pretty large screen in order to be usable. The OVO Energy app is probably one of the apps that’s the “least broken” by this one.

I’ll let you know if I break the app again...