New online account / portal - how do I give feedback?

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I can appreciate your viewpoint on the Self Service Reward, @ClassicalMarian.


As customers such as yourself are losing this mid-contract, we are offering to waive any exit fees for those who do want to leave mid-contract due to this. You’d just need to let us know if you wanted to do this.



I haven't got a smart meter so they don't really know what my daily consumption is.

We'll just have to see how the quarterly statements go but I'm not overly confident with this lot.

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Thanks @Phil Smith - So please let us know what ensues.

The new Billing System has to function satisfactorily for those without a Smart Meter too otherwise OVO will find Ofgem breathing down their neck!

I’m unsure how regularly you send in manual meter reading to OVO, but from what I’ve seen, if you submit them monthly, the software is pretty good at estimates and forecasts. I deliberately missed a complete month last year, just to see what happened!

Even if we don’t now hear from you until the next quarter has passed by, we’ll still be awaiting news from you. :slight_smile:

The new Statements are not good please revert to once a month Statements, I'm also considering moving on.

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Sorry, @No Smart Meter - that’s just not going to happen because of the need to comply with Ofgem licensing rules.

See what I wrote about this here, earlier in this Topic.

The new-look website takes control away from the customer

  1. new sign-in required - please remember this is OUR (Ovo’s) website not yours
  2. the place for giving meter readings is now hidden, whereas before it was very prominent
  3. on my own account the useage information is rubbish: it shows weird gas readings from the Ovo system on a daily basis - possibly in kW/h. My meter (which I intend to keep) reads in Terms - so the Ovo information does not relate.
  4. CONGRATULATIONS - feeding in new readings produces an immediate indication of what the  bill will be - when it is produced - BUT NO EMAIL CONFIRMING YOU HAVE SUBMITTED YOUR READINGS.
  5. My question this - if it ain’t broke why fix it? And why tell people like me what you think we have used, when you actually have no idea? And why mix your imperial and SI units???  
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Thanks for this feedback, @Brixton Dave - I’ve moved it onto this topic where other users are suggesting features, feeding back on changes. 


We’re keeping a really close eye on how our members respond to this new online account. It’s a continuously developing experience, so this feedback loop is essential. I’ll try and get a developer to post here with some specifics about the points you’ve raised. 


In the meantime, here’s a list of online tutorials we’ve made to help members new to this new online account!

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Hi @Brixton Dave and thanks for raising these points. I do have a Smart Meter, but I’m still interested in what you’re seeing.


1: Not everyone requires a new sign-in when being migrated to the new Billing System. I don’t know what triggers the request, but there could be a number of reasons why a verification or new password is required. As it’s a security measure, I doubt we’ll be told how and why some customers need to partially re-register.


2: I can’t see where on the menu system is the entry to input manual meter readings. Can you please clarify this? Or, better still, take a screenshot and post it here. Thanks.


3: The presentation of the gas usage will have been decided with reference to Ofgem’s requirements. kWh seems reasonable because this takes into account the Calorific Value.

I could understand some customers would like to have an option without CV, which could be m³, but I suspect too few customers would like to see therms or ft³ to make it worthwhile adding in the code.

We have to remember that it was Ofgem’s intervention which caused this new Billing System to be developed in the first place, and that they will be auditing it. If OVO add in options then they must be proven accurate and properly able to inform customers. It’s not just a matter of inserting another formula into the code.

What would you use the Usage histogram for which isn’t achievable with the current displays?


4: This needs a Moderator to raise it with the Project Manager. What you say sounds reasonable.


5a: It was broken! That’s why Ofgem issued an Order that OVO fix it!

I’m aware that there were discrepancies in the three points where it is necessary to generate a Usage Estimate. There may have been other factors which also failed to satisfy the Licence Requirements.,

5b: Where are imperial and SI units mixed?