New Apple iOS app feature alert!

New Apple iOS app feature alert!
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Do you hate remembering and entering passwords? I know I do! 🙋🏽

If you’ve got an iPhone and use the My OVO app, this will now become a thing of the past yay!

You can now set up face or touch ID to login quicker and easier. 🤳🏽

You’ll be prompted to set this up when you update your app.

Have you already said no but changed your mind? Don’t worry - just head to app settings and you can add it on here, you’ll be asked for your password (for the last time) and away you go. 📲

There's so many things you can do on the My OVO app -
💡Enter meter readings
💡Check your usage
💡Download statements
💡Make a payment

@Transparent @Somerpark @Ajerthebadger @jewelie Are you using our app? Are you Apple or Android? Have you used the touch/face ID feature yet?

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I've got an Apple Organiser on my desk

Is the OVO App ok on a single-cored device?

My favourite feature... mega-bytes 😉
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I'm using the app on my (real) apple devices, iPhone 6S & iPad, works really well on both using fingerprint