My Direct Debit has been taken, but my switch has been cancelled?

Onboarding says switch cancelled and to check my email.

No email received and first Direct Debit taken.

Not a good start. Want an answer ASAP!

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Ive had a message via Facebook from ivo saying it's an error and its not true it's been cancelled

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I had the exact same thing happen to me today , had all the confirmation that the account has been set up, and ever taken the DD. No email giving an explanation why it was cancelled.Your not alone and I want answers ASAP too why this has happen?
Me too, switch cancelled but no email received and direct debit taken. Not a good start. Answers please.
Ive had exactly the same thing happen..I checked today as thought I'd see what was happening...same message, no email, direct debit already taken
I’ve had the same thing today too! No email whatsoever! Changed to OVO after being recommended by a friend and I’m so far not impressed!!! Why has this happened??
Im hoping it's just a glitch but it concerns me. The page said my supply was due to start 31st of may, direct debit left on the 3rd of June..yet havent heard a thing from ovo or my old supplier since and then see this today..I'm concerned I will end up having another 2 direct debits come out his month. Typically neither supplier is open on weekends...
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We switched to an EV everywhere plan earlier this month and had a confirmatory email on 12 June saying the switch is confirmed and Ovo were supplying my energy. I have submitted meter readings and operated my account. This morning, I logged on to receive a message on the website saying the switch was cancelled. This was dated 25 May and accompanied by a message saying they had sent an email to explain why. No email has been received. WE switched from a cheaper supplier because their customer service was dreadful and now we have this situation. Any other experience with this situation?
The same has happened to me and there is also another thread with the same issue. Hopefully it is just an error!
Ive had a message via Facebook from ivo saying it's an error and its not true it's been cancelled

I had the same thing and have had a message saying it's a known error and not true

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Hey, @xandergray@Hyperia101@Drm@Sometime1 and @Sophiebailey28.

Sorry about the delayed reply, but I can see @Sometime1 has swooped in with the correct answer.

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Hey, @Amz15, please see above thread.
I've just seen I have the same error that it's been cancelled see email but no email was received, but direct debit has been taken, I had an email today asking for monthly meter readings but I can't send them because I get this error what is happening is it cancelled or not.
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Hi @Stevo81 - as mentioned above you may need to get in touch so we can take your account details and look into your account specifically.
Good evening my switch was canceled I would like to know the reason, because OVO has the money in the account and I continue to receive payment from the eighth company.
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It sounds like you could be affected by the same issue, @Cristian 001. We can double check this just get in touch, our contact details are on Amy's message!
Same here, no online account access since the confirmed switch of 24 May, and now some crazy messages about electricity cancelled, email sent (it hasn't been) and a no detail comment that the tech team are working on it. Not good enough and not what I expected as Ovo are highly rated in switch and CS performance terms. I moved from Scottish Power as they were quite simply the most appalling company I have ever had the misfortune to encounter, but Ovo are now in the running for a runners up award! This needs to be solved or my never ending search for a decent energy supplier will have to continue. Come on Ovo, this is not a good start and is going to lose you customers. Complaint raised so we'll see if they can respond within their own timescales.
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Hi @Flippin 'eck,

Sorry to hear you've had to raise a complaint about this. The team should get back to you within 5 working days. This does sound like a tech issue, but please keep us posted!