How to zero in on your usage with the new online account

How to zero in on your usage with the new online account
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One of the incredible benefits of the new online account system is the new ‘Zero In’ function. This gives your handy hints to where your usage is going, and how to save your wallet, and the environment.


Here’s how to get this info:


Step 1:

Click on the Usage option on the menu.



Step 2:

This should show a submenu, click on ‘Zero In’.



Step 3:

Have a look at the info and the tips, and if you want further info, click ‘Go to my action’.



Please be aware that the mobile phone images shown above are what you’d see when using your online account via your device’s internet browser.

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I’m not sure we’re on the same version of the User Interface @Ed_OVO 

This is what I see online when I do the above:


It also unhelpfully displays this message:

… which is bizarre because both electricity and gas readings from yesterday (10th May) are shown on the Monthly histograms.


Would the London-based programming team like to Zero-in on the bugs before trying to add more features please!

This Topic, this one and this one should provide them with about a month’s work to track down. But I can add more if they want! :nerd:

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Hey @Transparent - Do you know when your account was migrated?

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I don’t think I was “migrated” @Nancy_OVO… or at least not with all the others around Feb-March.

I found myself on the new User Interface around the beginning of Dec. Can’t be quite sure of the date. I had work done to bring my SMETS2 meters on stream (had been non-functional for months), and then I took out a new contract almost immediately.

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Hi @Transparent,

Migration is just the term we use for moving from the old website to the new one.

If it was very recent, it could still be syncing up. However it sounds like it’s been a while.

I’m assuming your smart meters are set to send us readings every half an hour, or at least every day too?

Just checking all possible causes of the error message you’re seeing before raising as a tech issue.


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Yes - understood @Nancy_OVO but I “arrived” on the new UI as a consequence of either my Smart Meters being raised from the dead or from renewing contracts. I just can’t recall which.


My meters are read according to your standard practice of sending the XREAD command just after midnight, and collecting half-hourly readings since the previous successful XREAD.

I do occasionally have lost data on the online histograms, as you can see reported here, and again here further down the same Topic. But I still get a half-hourly based line graph available for each day… even though the data itself can’t be trusted.

I realise, of course, that the User Interface I’m using is an entirely separate issue to the data which it displays!


I’m also aware that different customers are presented with different UI after they migrate. I don’t know why this is. See the recent discussion here with OldTerry2.

It’s getting very difficult to keep track of customers reporting Lost Data errors when we’re seeing different Interfaces too!

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Just sent you a PM about this one, @Transparent 

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OK; so I still don’t have the “Zero in” option on my version of the new User Interface. As there seem to be multiple versions being implemented, can I ask @Ed_OVO and/or @Nancy_OVO to make a request to the programming team...?

It would help if there was a discretely placed version number available on the Home page of the App and online MyOVO pages, so that us customers can actually state it when we’re bug-reporting!


And now, dragging the discussion back on topic…

I’m aware that the Kaluza platform already has weather as one of its inputs. Is it possible to pick up this existing data stream in order to implement it within the Zero In report?

So, looking at the example screenshot you gave for Step 3 above, I’ve modified it to suggest why the customer might have spent £20 more…


Better still, if it also reported the average sunshine level, I would have data which might provoke me to get solar panels installed!