How to edit your profile on the new online account

How to edit your profile on the new online account
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It’s rare you’ll need to change your personal details, but a new phone or a hacked email address could mean this info needs updating.


We’ve made it much easier to do this on the new online system - here’s how:


Step 1:

Click profile at the menu bar at the top of the screen.



Step 2:

Here you can view all your profile details. If any need to be changed, click ‘Edit your profile’ at the top of the box.



Step 3:

Happy with the changes? Hit save to confirm them. Hit cancel to revert back to the previous saved details.



Please be aware that the mobile phone images shown above are what you’d see when using your online account via your device’s internet browser.

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There appear to be some serious issues with your new CRM and new customer portal:

  1. We are now receiving paper bills, T&Cs, and letters - we don’t want any paper. One reason to choose OVO initially was because of its scrappy start-up/green credentials - now you are likely sending thousands of letters needlessly because your IT department can’t migrate your customer database properly (don’t you test before you migrate?)
  2. I have been through the new My OVO portal - the profile section appears to have been dumbed down so much that I cannot find what I am looking for - where exactly do I verify that I should not be receiving paper?
  3. My name is listed as being jointly responsible for billing, however I can find no mention of that fact in the My OVO profile - where do find this fact listed?
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Thanks for reaching out @tjoski 


I’ve moved you questions to this existing topic about our new online account experience. Here you can see how you edit your account preferences around how you receive communications from OVO. 


As far as I’m currently aware, you should only be able to see the main account holder’s information via the online account, but I will do some further digging to check if this is accurate.


Speak soon,

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Bradley - I just went through the profile section. There is NO mention of paper bills vs no paper bills. There IS a section about marketing, but that is different to paper bills. Please tell me where EXACTLY I can change this feature (I am using a Firefox browser on a standard computer).

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Are you and the account holder both financially liable contacts on the account, @tjoski ?


If you are, and there’s the same email address for both account profiles, this should explain why we’re sending out paper communication. @Bradley_OVO can I get a sense check on that?


If so, changing the email address on either of the account names should allow you to both receive email communications, with no paper required. 

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I don’t know if we are both responsible as there is no record of it on the account. I did set up the account, and my email address is on it, but the acconut is under Tanis Jardin’s name and bank account details. I did deal with OVO people when there was an issue with getting a smart meter installed - it is possible they added my name as being responsible. However - again - there is no mention of my name anywhere in the My OVO profile. We did NOT receive paper bills/statements/terms until recently when you switched your CRM to Salesforce.


To make life easier - this is becoming ridiculous - please remove my name as being responsible for the bill. Then we can see what the issues are.


By the way we are receiving letters to both of our names.


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@Tim_OVO that’s where the issue stems from as far as I know.


@tjoski - We can remove you from the account to get this sorted, you’d just need to get in touch directly with us to get this sorted. You could message us on FacebookTwitter and if you don’t have social media, webchat via the Help centre.

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So how is this not direct? And by the way, I will bet you £100 removing me is not going to solve the various serious problems you have with your customer-facing software.

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I have just gone through the process of removing myself. I will wait 24 hours and then log onto My OVO to see if we can find the “No Paper” button finally.


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We can’t share personal info here as others would be able to see it, which isn’t safe, @tjoski. It’s best not to PM us either, as we have a different mod each day, so if you message me, I might not pick this up for a while.


If you get in touch via the methods I gave earlier, you’ll get a much quicker response, and we’ll be able to get this sorted for you.

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Thank you - I used the webchat in the Help Centre


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Thanks @tjoski - could you come back and update us, to confirm if this was the cause and the fix?


It will help anyone else with the same question :)

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I just logged onto the account on My OVO, and again I cannot find the option to not receive paper statements (please read the messages from the top). Where do I find this?

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The option will be on the profile page, @tjoski


Is there anyone else named on your account? If there is, I’d recommend checking to see if they’ve registered their email address. If they haven’t and they’re financially liable on the account we’ll send paper statements. They’ll need to register their email address and update their preferences to stop the paper statements. 

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Hi - Please read through the messages. I was listed as also also being financially liable - my name was taken off the account yesterday (see above). However - as I wrote above - I cannot find the place in the profile section or elsewhere where you can confirm that paper statements should not be sent (numerous paper statements etc have  been sent to me AND to the named person in the profile). So once again - for the fifth time - where exactly in the My OVO account do I this???

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where exactly in the My OVO account do I this???


Paper statements shouldn’t be an option for members to toggle on and off via their online account.  But we do default to this if a financially liable contact doesn’t have an email address. 


You can confirm the email address registered to the account holder and edit as shown here:



I think you can only view the profile of the account holder. In other words, you can’t select the second financially liable profile to check and amend the email address. This would need to be done via our support teams, which are on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat!.


But this section is where you switch between accounts:



I haven’t actually seen this in action. I’d appreciate you trying this and letting us know if you can toggle between profiles of financially liable contacts @tjoski ?

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In our case, for our contract with OVO - there is now only one party (that party is obviously financially liable), one email address, and one account. Can you confirm that no paper statements will be sent (by default)?



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Hey @tjoski 


Although we cannot guarantee you won’t receive paper communications from OVO, this may only happen if there’s an issue on the account. 


I recommend that at any point that you receive paper comms from the OVO team, that you reach out to our support team asking these to be stopped. We’re on FacebookTwitter and our Help Centre has online chat!



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Re paper statements - I hope that is correct and we will not receive anymore.


New issue - I was locked out of this forum for the 2nd time in three days - each time the forum would not accept the password (and yes I checked very carefully).


Each time I reset the password to the same password I was trying to use anyway. What is causing this issue now?

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Hey @tjoski 


Please check out this topic here, and see if @Darran_OVOs comments near the end of the thread help you with your forum login issue.



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You are correct - I believe I was using my email address instead of the user name - my mistake