How do I set up a joint OVO account with my partner?

  • 13 April 2018
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Updated on 29/09/20: 


It’s easy peasy! When you sign up to us via our Quote and Switch page, there will be the option to add on your partner’s details.

If you want to add them on but the account is already set up in your name, it’s super straightforward as well. The info taken below is from this topic:  


To add a non financially liable person to the account, just message us on webchat (via the Help Centre) and provide the details of the person you want added.


To add a financially liable contact, you would need to call the team with the person you’d like to be financially liable present so you can both verbally agree to this: 0330 303 5063. We’re open Monday - Friday 8am-6pm. 


You’ll need to include:

Their name
Their DoB
Their contact details (phone number/email address)


There’s a page with more info on this and other actions you can take on your online account here

6 replies


Does this mean that my partner's name will also appear on the statement? Also, when you say the name can be added retrospectively - will I be able to obtain retrospective statements too?

Good question @ovo_88

If you want past statements to display both names, we can certainly re-bill you. Both account holders will need to be financially liable to do this.

I’ve just been told on chat that the ONLY was to accomplish this is by us both getting on the phone together. Have things changed or was the person wrong?

I’ve further been told that even on opening an account, I can’t open a genuine joint account. Apparently, the only way to do this is to call you. Why so complicated? We were able to set up a joint bank account online!

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Hi @hjuk 


Thanks for commenting - I’ve looked and updated this topic and the other topic you commented on, to make sure it’s up to date. 


In theory you could have added both your names when signing up, making it a joint account by default. Once the account is set up in one person’s name, they are always the main account holder. But to get another person added, just request this from our Support team. If they need to be financially liable, that will require verbal confirmation from you both, which needs to be done as call: 0330 303 5063

I’ve given my feedback. This seems daft. I wasn’t given the option of crating a joint account on sign up whatever the theory may be.

I can create a joint bank account online but for you guys I can only create a joint account by waiting on the phone for 10 minutes for my partner to say yes a few times. Makes no sense.