Could OVO provide a Service Status Portal?

  • 10 November 2020
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This idea is one that I must credit @TomThumb and a few other members for the inspiration.

But one of the things that would probably help a ton, would be having some kind of Service Status Portal that lets customers quickly see how the health of the OVO/Kaluza platforms are doing in general, along with status alerts and known issues feeds.

There’s a whole bunch of ways you can set these up, but the general idea is that I can go to one place and see something like this:

OVO/Kaluza Platform Health

Overall: Whoops! Looks like some of our services aren’t working right now

Insert details of outage/known issue here


Kaluza: Looking good!

V2G Trial: Running a bit slow due to maintenance, but we’re running!

OVO Forums: Unknown - Last check failed to run

My OVO: Down for maintenance (details here)

Recent history:

(Post recent announcements here)


Something along those lines should do the trick nicely. It’s certainly something which can help to show that an outage is known and someone’s on the case.

As for known issues however, that’s something which might be a tad tricky. There’s a few ways that these could be communicated, but it really depends on what works best. By this, I’m talking about bugs and glitches that OVO and Kaluza are aware of and are OK with being known publicly (so not security bugs for example!). It could be especially helpful in some of the more tricky long standing bugs too.

4 replies

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Not my doing @Blastoise186   but thank you.

Add in a change log & the suggested examples from @Transparent 


“have a small symbol somewhere on our online Usage-pages which can be clicked to show us the current software version numbers and the date of the last upgrade to that version. This must be done for all the relevant locations where the gas data might be getting blocked/mangled.”


The more data points available for reference / troubleshooting the better.




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Indeed. That’s something which would help too.

There can be a security risk in some cases from disclosing too much information upfront. That is unless you’re me and want to help OVO shoot down security bugs rapidly! Muhahahahaha

But even that can be solved if you find the right middleground. So even if it’s not a good move to disclose absolutely all the software and versions, it could be possible to have it provide you with some kind of code or reference number that’s tracked internally and relates to the actual data.

And yeah, I definitely think you’ve got some good ideas there. That sounds like one that’s good to be broken out into a separate idea, but probably best keeping the two merged together.

I’d definitely be up for having change logs and release notes posted too. :)

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Thanks @Blastoise186 :surfer:


This is a great suggestion, which I have dutifully passed on to our very nice billing platform developers. ‘Our billing platform developers’ are actually Kaluza developers, who are in the process of building something great for OVO members, SSE members and other retail suppliers to use in order to help their customers keep track of their energy and manage their account with ease.


They have let me know that they do already have a status page, ‘owned by SRE’ (make of that what you will) and that discussions are ongoing to get a system in place to manage and own this, share this with OVO staff, and hopefully OVO members. 


Any developments on this, I will come back here and update the topic!  

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Hehehe, it definitely doesn’t surprise me that the Site Reliability Engineers have their own fancy and flashy dashboards already! :)

But that’s definitely good to see a work-in-progress though. If they want someone to test how fast the system can be forced into setting off the fire alarm… Well, I guess you already know where to look.