Could a Dark Theme/Dark Mode option be added to the online account?

  • 6 November 2020
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Hi there,

I wasn’t quite sure which category this fits best, so I decided to do a lucky dip and see what happens.

I’ve recently signed up and have been playing with the My OVO app on my phone and exploring the various areas on the websites, which I really like the designs for.


I also have Autism and I sometimes find the Light Theme a bit too overwhelming in the evenings because it’s extremely bright and blinding. It’s a bit like having a Collapsed Sun Mode on all the time. :sunglasses:


Something that I’d love to have, is the ability to switch the app and websites between Light and Dark Mode freely. Bonus points if the sites can auto-detect my system theme and automatically switch over to match. Not everyone might be too keen on being forced to use Light or Dark only though, so being able to default to follow the system theme but also have the option to manually choose Light or Dark would be really helpful. Especially if you’re like me and find Collapsed Sun mode a bit too much! :wink:  


5 replies

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Fantastic feedback, thanks @Blastoise186 - I’ve passed this on to our online account developers. I’ll come back here to post any updates as and when. 


I use the dark mode for Facebook, Insta, and much prefer it. One for the (very white) online account would be great for me also. I wonder if it will get push back from a design and brand perspective. White and green are OVO colours after all…..


Bonus point allocations will need to wait…. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:





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Thanks Tim.

And it’s funny you mention green and white actually! Because I’m pretty sure that favicon is showing me green and black instead (the black is the default dark theme colour used by Google Chrome).

Transparency strikes again!

And that’s what happens when you create logos in PNG format with transparent backgrounds… :sunglasses:

Because I can even say that it’s also green and blue. Check this out for an example!

Tab to the left is inactive. Tab to the right is active

Hehehe. So how you do you fancy the idea of rainbow logos?

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And in actual fact Tim, maybe this will help sway the team a bit.

Did you know that with an AMOLED Display, anything and everything that’s pure black - as in #000000 black - causes that part of the screen to completely turn off outright, which can save a lot of battery in some cases! Hehehe.

However, AMOLED Dark Mode isn’t always the most ideal Dark Theme for everyone, since some people find it hard to read.

So in a way, when it comes to choosing a “Dark Theme” to use, you could consider having a choice of two Dark Themes, one Light Theme and “Follow Device Theme” - with the latter offering to use AMOLED Dark Mode if the user chooses to do this.

Did I also mention that AMOLED Dark Mode can make all the other elements look really cool too in some cases? If you do it in just the right way, when someone uses the app on their phone at night, it literally makes it look like the app is almost “floating” in mid-air!

I feel as if this would offer the best of both (or best of three?) worlds to suit the majority of customers. And there should definitely still be the current Light Theme too for accessibility (or a11y) reasons. It shouldn’t be too tricky to do. The main challenges would be really down to finding the right colour schemes that balance out nicely - and also making sure it’s OK for all the branding etc.

Some of this might require help from InSided might you… :wink:

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I’ve shared the thread and feedback with our online account developers, @Blastoise186 :blush:


They’ve added it to their ‘road map’ of feature releases. They did advise that due to the low number of issues or complaints relating to this, it’s lower on the priority then other features. As you can imagine it does make sense to prioritise the biggest pain points first…


Keep feedback and feature suggestions like this coming please, it’s a critical use case for this community, to better understand our member’s wants and requirements! 

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Hehehe, nice one!

And yep, I’m cool with that feedback too. It’s not one of those features I consider to be P0 I absolutely insist on having this yesterday! priority for obvious reasons. More like one of those P2 I’d love to see this happen when you’ve got a spare moment type suggestions. :)

It’s definitely something that would be a cool nice to have, but as it’d primarily be a cosmetic-only feature, I’m cool with waiting for a bit. Might as well bug blast the showstopper bugs first.