Calling OVO with 'implied consent' - DIY tutorial series

  • 6 October 2020
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Calling OVO with 'implied consent' - DIY tutorial series
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Implied consent and data protection - your guide


How does someone have implied consent?

If we receive a call from someone who is not named on the OVO account, for us to decide if the caller has 'implied consent' we'd expect them to be able to pass Data Protection by giving us detailed info about the account..

Questions they must answer:

  • Account holder full name
  • Account holder date of birth (DOB)
  • Full registered address

Plus one of the following:

  • Registered email address
  • Registered phone number
  • Account number

Once implied consent has been passed we can discuss:

  • Information available in Ecoes or Xoserve, the national database for electric and gas supplies.
  • Contract information:
  • Statement or Direct Debit date
  • Meter functionality:
    • Reconnection codes
    • Usage history
    • Messages to the meter (like vend codes)
  • Meter readings
  • Top up or pay a bill 
  • Book emergency appointments
  • Account specific information:
    • Meter bookings
    • Internal ‘cases’ - we can disclose dates of cases being raised; advise to which team; progress/timeline of the case; but not specific details that may not be covered by the implied consent process (reading out emails/memos from the case etc)
    • Complaints (relating to information they are allowed access to)

We can’t:

  • Discuss anything that isn't on the above list
  • Add a member to the Priority Services Register without the account holder's permission
  • Pair an IHD


That’s it for your guide on implies consent. Have we missed anything? Let us know via a comment below!

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