Adding a secondary contact to my account - DIY tutorial serires

  • 4 October 2020
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Adding a secondary contact to my account - DIY tutorial serires
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How to add another person to your OVO account - your guide


What do I need to do when adding a secondary contact

Our Support team will need to help you get this done, but whether you need to call or not, and who needs to be present, depends on what you want the secondary contact to be able to do. 


Secondary contact - non-financially liable

The secondary contact can administer the account only.

What you can do as a non-financially liable contact:

  • Provide meter readings
  • Be given information about bills
  • Give information/ask for information etc

What you can’t do:

  • Make any financially related decisions

  • Updating payment details

  • Changing Direct Debit amount

  • Obtain refunds

  • Renew a contract

  • Update communication preference (post/email)

Secondary contact - financially liable

A second contact can be financially liable as long as we get verbal confirmation from both the primary and secondary account holder. Get this done by calling our Support team when both contacts are around to give their verbal consent: 0330 303 5063. Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm. 


What you can do as a financially liable contact: 


If a secondary contact is financially liable, you are effectively a joint account holder with the primary account holder. You can take all actions and make any decisions in relation to the account, including financial decisions. You are equally responsible for making payments on the account and for any debt accrued. Credit checks will also go against your name. 


To become financially responsible (and therefore a joint account holder), the secondary contact also needs to be a party to the contract between OVO and the primary contact.


Our T&Cs explain that, where a secondary contact becomes financially responsible for an account, the contract between OVO and the primary contact is automatically amended to make the secondary contact a party from the date they agree to do so.


This means all the provisions around payment, refunds etc will then apply between OVO and the secondary contact too (meaning you can take financial actions as required).


That’s it for our guide on adding a second contact to the account. Have we missed anything? Leave a comment below to let us know! 

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In addition to what @Tim_OVO has just described, there is also particular provision for other parties to be added to the accounts of customers on the Priority Services Register. These might be another family member or a care-worker looking after a vulnerable/elderly person.

The PSR has a remit beyond the chosen Energy Supplier. So, for example, if there needs to be an interruption to gas or electricity supply to a property on the PSR, then the relevant Distribution Company must contact the named people and ensure that the needs of the household are properly attended to.

In some cases this might involve providing a generator or alternative heating if the loss of supply is deemed to be overly disruptive.

The handling of customers on the PSR is separately audited by Ofgem, and OVO ensures that they are prioritised when making contact with Customer Services.


Applying to be on the PSR is simple, and it does not require a long-term condition to be identified. Medical complexities surrounding a short-term need to address a Covid-19 risk are sufficient for an application to be made.