Add a Hide Personal Info option to the online account - Feature Idea

  • 21 November 2020
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Hi. I really love coming up with new ideas and suggestions based on what I come across. Having been on the forums for a couple of weeks and had plenty of time to play with the platform, I think I have another good one.

The problem

When a member is asking for help on the forums with things related to their online account or from the OVO Energy app, sometimes it’s tricky to help without a few screenshots to explain things. But with that by itself, comes the risk of accidentally leaking personal info. With text, it’s fairly easy for the member or a moderator to edit the post/reply to clean up anything that was posted by mistake but still retain the rest. But it’s not so easy with images!

A solution

One thing that could be handy, would be a sort of “Privacy Mode” that I can turn on or off whenever I need to. When it’s turned off, I can see all my stuff on the account as usual, but turning it on hides everything that’s considered personal/risky while still leaving the safer content visible. You could make it so that anything hidden by Privacy Mode can be revealed again individually behind a spoiler with a warning, or just hidden outright until I switch back to normal. You could even make it so that I can have Privacy Mode set to always-on by default and only reveal protected items on a one-time basis as and when needed.

An example

As a forum volunteer, I often need to look through my own account to check a few things in order to follow along with a thread. And I sometimes need to post my own screenshots while making sure I don’t capture my own personal info along the way. I always try to check and edit everything before posting, but it can be tricky. Having a Privacy Mode could make this a bit easier, since it would reduce the amount of editing I need to do and make it easier to stay safe.

Other notes?

Technically speaking, this could also be possible do to by having access to a demo/sandbox style “Joe Bloggs” account on the platform that behaves exactly like a real one does, but has randomly generated details to act as placeholders for everything, making it safe to show the entire account without leaking real data (and it also gets reset after each use). Not sure how practical that is in reality though. But I might split this out into a separate suggestion later.

1 reply

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Love this suggestion, @Blastoise186 and will be passing it on directly to the team that focus on the online account’s user interface. 


As always if they provide any extra info or context, I’ll forward it on via this topic.