My OVO app is a joke

Sorry, more of a venting than a question.

I am getting increasing frustrated by the OVO app. I have been a customer for quite a few years and it is going downhill fast. My old energy plan ran out, with no warning or ability in the app to switch plans. I called up and had to explain why I had to call or forfeit my self service reward.

Changed plans but the app still shows the old plan. I have no idea if I am being charged for my usage based on the correct prices and the call centre takes sooo long to answer. Really considering changing suppliers when this plan runs out.

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Sorry to hear about your experience, @dbgray.

We start to contact customers within the last 49 days of their contract to let them know the plan is coming to an end. In the letter/email we send will have new tariff information so you can decide the plan you want to renew on.

The app will show you your renewal options, you just need to head to My Plan on My OVO and there will be a green button at the top saying "See your fixed offers". If for any reason this didn't work, or you couldn't renew on the app/website - you wouldn't have been penalised for this. You should still have received your Self Service Reward (SSR).

It's strange your app is showing the wrong plan, this is something we'd need to look into further. Send us a message on Facebook with your name, DoB and account number.
Thanks for the reply. The app does not show any of the options above and shows me on my previous tariff that ended over a month ago. If I log on to my account on a PC, it shows me on the simpler energy tariff. Why does my account show me two different plans, which are both wrong as I called up to change plans over 2 weeks ago?

I have tried calling 3 times, each time I get promised that it will be sorted but yet nothing has happened. And why should I have to use social media to get any kind of response from OVO?

All I want is confirmation that my plan has been changed, the app/account to show the correct information and not to be overcharged. Is this too much to ask?
I have renewed my plan starting the 2nd of March but my OVO app still read the details of the old plan which ended 1st of March 2019.

I’ve tried reinstalling the app several times but no result. My online account shows the correct details of my new (renewed) plan but for some reason the app isn’t updating.

I’ve gotten in touch with OVO team and said they would report the issue but one week later there is still no result.

Has anyone experienced the he same issue and if yes how did you sort it out?

Thank you in advance for your help.

P.S. What are you doing OVO? When I thought we had started with the right foot....
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It sounds like you're both experiencing the same issue, @dbgray & @vlad. Can you post a screenshot of your app so we can see what you can see please? Remember to hide any personal info.

There may be a technical issue affecting your account, which is why it's showing the wrong plan. It's hard to confirm this because we don't have access to your account. I suggested messaging us on Facebook as you're likely to get an instant response.

You're not billed from My OVO, so the information shown on there won't affect your bills. Your statements will show your correct tariff.
Hi Eva
you can see below what I am referring to. It’s the same thing under the gas section. It displays last year’s tariffs and membership details.
You are usually good in communicating but on this occasion I have been waiting for quite a while for this to get updated and a firm resolution would be highly appreciated.

thank you

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Hi @vlad,

Looks like the app just hasn't updated. Have you tried simply logging out and back in again (rather than uninstalling)?

Tried all the simple steps on my side. Log out and log back in then reinstall several times.

no success. Just retried those steps now
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Sorry to hear this, @vlad, it sounds like this may be a bit more complex than a simple update, please give our team a call on: 0330 303 5063, our opening hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday, they'll be able to look into this a bit further.

The issue has finally been sorted out. I checked my Ovo app after almost 3 weeks since I had last spoken to the Ovo online team and the app has finally updated.
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Glad to hear this @vlad! Thanks for keeping us updated 🙂
Yes thank you Nancy. I appreciate this. They managed to sort out the issue and hope it doesn’t reoccur in the future.

All the best