I can't log into other accounts I'm named on, how can I resolve this?

  • 16 November 2018
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OVO have been great to deal with...until there is a problem .Until recently I was able to "run " the accounts for my elderly aunt and mother in law ( both in their late 90s )..neither has personal access to a computer or e-mail .I accessed their accounts via my e-mail and everything worked perfectly..sadly no longer.Even though we have established with OVO a financial interest I cannot access their accounts..this is important because they are paranoid about having sufficient funds to cover their expenditure..indeed the main reason for switching to OVO was because we could do this . I had accepted that I was going to have to give meter readings by phone and that I would receive statements on request .Two weeks ago I gave my mother in law's readings by phone and there was a problem.OVO said the reading was too I rechecked the readings.Just the I had to speak to an individual...this is the good bit...she asked me why I wasn't doing this on line !!!!!!! Somewhat taken aback I explained the hundreds of e-mails and telephone conversations I had been through earlier this year.She expressed the view that it was a mere technicality that was easily overcome !!!! She would sort it.

I HAVE HEARD NOTHING...NOR HAVE I HAD THE STATEMENT WHICH I REQUESTED !!! Sadly, it seems to me that OVO really do not care about this kind of situation and seem to be descending to the depths of all other energy providers.In short they are becoming more and more uncommunicative and remote.VERY SAD .All I want is promises to be acted upon .How can I progress this ?

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Hey @Mike29 ,

There's a handy a topic here that'll give you all the details to be able to help you get logged in, and gives your info about clearing your cookies and cache.

Remember you'll need your Customer ID's when trying to log in to multiple accounts.

Hope this helps!
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Sorry to hear about this. It is amazing you do this for your aunt and mother in law. I don't think the OVO staff meant it in a bad way asking why you were not submitting the meter readings online as this is becoming the standard for pretty much everything. Is there a reason why you are unable to submit them online? It will save you time having to call them up.

I believe you can view your statements via your OVO account. Any issues, please reply 🙂
The whole point is that I WANT to do it on line and until recently I COULD do this BUT OVO changed something which now precludes me from doing this .I was resigned to doing this off line by phone but one of OVO's employees told me , when sorting out some readings , that this WAS possible.I didn't ask..SHE volunteered it .Nothing has happened about my query ...NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER...which is why I feel that OVO do not really care ..quite simply they do not answer difficult questions...they just hope they will go away and , this being the case , they are no different to the other providers now whereas previously they were excellent .If you know a pathway I can take to get through to someone who can help me then PLEASE let me know .By the way I don't have ANY problems with my personal account...its just
those of my aunt and mother in law.
Can you actually log in to each account?
If not, its just an idea - but is it related to trying to use the same email address for more than one account? I have had a similar issue elsewhere where I needed to access more than one online account with a company and had to use a different email address for each.
Hi Phil, I USED to be able to log into each account but can't now.The way OVO told me to do it originally was to log into my account then on Log Out input the info re my aunt and mother in law.That used to work but now it doesn't and it seems to be something to do with MY e-mail address .The old ladies don't have e-mail..the whole point of moving them to OVO was so I can run it for them...they are both in their late the way I am noted as having a financial interest .I was resigned to giving their readings by phone BUT then OVO suggested this could be done on line even though I explained what had been going on for six months at least.What is annoying me is that OVO don't seem to want to " own " this problem..I can't get a straight answer from hand doesn't seem to know what the other is doing .AND I still haven't received statements even though I requested them...this is really important because old people worry about whether their accounts are in credit. I think OVO grew in popularity because they offered something very special in customer they seem to be VERY the rest !! Why won't they "own " the problem...all I need is a definitive answer from their IT people .Any ideas ?
I am afraid it sounds like the only solution is to call Ovo again.

If Ovo think its due to the use of the same email address, you can have as many email addresses in your own name as you like. Eg, or any other free email eg or one with outlook and one with gmail etc. These are easy to set up. You could then use a different email address to manage each account. Ovo would need to change the login for each account to its new email address but again you would need to speak to them to sort this out.

Give them another call and see what they say.
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This wasn't good to read, @epclive, but I understand your frustration.

Phil is right, it sounds like your email address is causing the issue. If you can, I'd recommend creating 2 new email addresses to manage the other accounts.

It also sounds like the accounts are set up to receive the Self Service reward. This could be why the agent pushed back when you tried to submit your readings over the phone - however they should've looked into the reason you can't login in the first place.

If you're still having trouble with this, please send us a message on Facebook or Twitter confirming your name, DoB and account number.

If you don't use social media you'll need to email the team on

I am having the same problem. I have two accounts and whatever I do the account that opens immediately is the samwe one, There is no logout button so i seem to be stuck logged in. maybe I accidentally ticked to keep me logged in but in that case I now want to untick it.
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Hey @Mike29 ,

There's a handy a topic here that'll give you all the details to be able to help you get logged in, and gives your info about clearing your cookies and cache.

Remember you'll need your Customer ID's when trying to log in to multiple accounts.

Hope this helps!
I clicked on the link 'here' and was transferred to a page that said 'You are not authorized to access this page'. Ido not find this very helpful
Incidentally as comment to Emily's suggestion that one needs separate ID for each account I already have two i.d s. Its just that I can't get logged out from one of them that prevents me accessing the other. In other words I am not offered a welcome page that gives me the chance to enter the second id.
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Hey @Mike29 , Really sorry the link I provided was for a different area of the forum, I've updated this and you should find general logging in issue queries answered.

However, that does seem rather odd you're unable to log out of your account, I've never heard of that before. Can you upload a screenshot of the left hand side of your screen/page, so that we can see what you see.

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Hi @Mike29

I've removed your post, as it contained personal details of your account.

However this is odd, as under the "Refer a Friend" tab, it should say Logout. Does it give you the option at the bottom of your profile page?
Thanks for removing my post that contained account details. I looked at the page that showed my profile but it did not have a logout at the bottom. However, when I returned to the home menu and made my screen show full page instead of multiple pages the logout reappeared in the expected position. It seems that in calling up my profile the system created something that overlapped the logout button. So hopefully i will now be able to access both my accounts.