How to switch between accounts on the new online system

How to switch between accounts on the new online system
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Here’s a nice simple one, you’ve got two accounts, and want to switch between the two. You couldn’t do this before, but step aside old system, there’s a new system in town!


Simply click ‘Account’ at the top, then ‘Select account’, and you’ll be able to choose which account to view.



Please be aware that the mobile phone images shown above are what you’d see when using your online account via your device’s internet browser.

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I have two accounts at my property with different OVO IDs.  Up until now, I was able to login to each account with its corresponding OVO ID.  Now it seems that I need to use my email addresss but when I log in, it only takes me to one of the accounts.  If I try to login using the OVO ID for the other account, it doesn’t recognise it.


I need to give a meter reading today but can only do so for one of the accounts.

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Hey @ghines,


I’ve moved you here in the hopes that this topic answers your query. It does sound like you’ve been moved to our new online platform experience, and hopefully you can let us know if this helped you find both of the accounts, and that you were able to submit online meter readings for both.


If you struggle with submitting any meter readings, it’s probably best you email these into the OVO team via their email at hello@ovoenergy.com.


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Thanks @Bradley_OVO but I’m not seeing the “Account” option on the web page.  All I see is “Help and Support”, “Profile” and “Logout”.  The “Account” option on the iOS app also only shows one account.


Is it possible that only one of my accounts has moved to your new system? I seem to remember getting only one email about moving to the new system.



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That’s quite possible @ghines 


As we’re unable to see how your accounts have been set up here, I’d advise reaching out to the OVO team via their Facebook or Twitter pages in order to look into this. It would be very interesting to find out what’s happening here.


Please let us know the outcome,

@Bradley_OVO OK.  I’ve sent them an email with the meter reading that I couldn’t do and asked them to look at this issue as well.