Why isn't my app showing my usage?

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Please check the best answer above, @HaydnD, pop our team a message so they can help!


I have a smart meter but for about 2 weeks nether the ovo app or account online is showing me my gas usage in daily form, only a monthly cumulative usage. Electricity is showing daily with no issues

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Hi @15isto2 and thanks for posting here on the Forum.

There have recently been a number of OVO customers writing here to identify differing types of Smart Meter data is missing. I wrote a synopsis of the range of faults here a fortnight ago.

Since you mention only the data being shown online by OVO, I’ll assume that your IHD is correctly displaying both electricity and gas readings.

I’m going to hazard a guess that your account has been moved across to OVO’s new in-house Billing Software, and that it’s defaulted to the wrong frequency of data collection for your gas usage.

This isn’t really a fault, but an incorrect flag set within the software. This is very similar to the situation discussed here with another customer last week.

Follow the same advice and send in an email. But the response may not be rapid for reasons explained in that other thread.

Thanks, have emailed them.

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@15isto2 @Transparent - I’ve moved your discussion over to here, so it’s all in one place for other users to see!