My OVO usage figures not correct - anyone else had this issue?

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Same here. Reported it to OVO and here is their response:

"We are aware of the technical issue that is affecting the My OVO graphs. It is currently being fixed by our Technical Support Team and should be resolved within the next week."
What are the lights doing on your meter? I think I have the same problem. My meter may be an older version (from 2015) but I have two LED lights. Both should be flashing but one is solidly on. I was told it's a network problem which is reset "at least every 12 weeks". Grrr
Hi Darran, My problem is not fixed but I only raised it on this forum yesterday. Last phone advice was to wait for up to 12 weeks when the next network reset may solve my solid WAN LED on the meter. I've had no usage data for the last 15 days and have been asked to send in my readings every month until it's fixed.
Thanks for looking into it.
Mine hasn’t shown any data since 19th and now doesn’t even show daily info. How do I know the information is getting through to ovo?? At least with meter readings you knew you’d done it! Have the tech team been able to give a time frame for this issue to be fixed?
Thanks, Timmo. That’s very helpful
I have seen correspondence about this on Forum with the suggestion that the problem is solved but it definitely is not solved. The last time I had an update is 19th March and it's now 24th. This is a repeating problem. i have had it on and off about half a dozen times. Ovo DO fix it if you telephone them but they don't say what the cause of the problem is. Personally I think their success in gaining customers is placing overwhelming pressure on their technical capability. I will soon have had enough of this weakness in their system and will help to solve the problem by leaving them for another supplier . It is a pity. I think they have been good but are now a victim of their own success. I hope they will release me from the fee for ending my relationship with them. Frustration is winning over my reluctance to leave. I wish they could sort this but it seems they can't. Can anyone add to this? this has happened to me a few times now..... hasn't updated since the 19th March
Are OVO only fixing this for those that are on a Smart meter?

I am not on a Smart meter and the usage graphs have working fine for over 3 years. Out of the blue OVO changed my billing date in March, since this the usage graph didn't update on the new billing date, old billing date nor the end of the month!

Further, at the same time random electricity data has replaced September 2017 actual usage rendering comparison with last years data useless.