Why wasn't I able to get a Direct Debit setup without projected usage figures?

  • 8 April 2022
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I’m exhausted with all this: 

over 50 emails I’ve sent.

online chat 6 times

phone calls 17

still I’m being told that I’m ignoring communication from ovo. I have proof via screenshots on my phone of all the attempts made from me to contact.

now I recieve a email threating me with legal action and possible CCJ?!?!?

I’m on a 2 year fixed contract and todays telephone call he saying take me off it ?!?!? Erm NO 

I am contemplating taking legal advice myself can anyone help?




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6 replies

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Hi @Suzie.1266 ,

I’m afraid taking legal action is probably not your best option. If you haven’t already, I’d suggest giving the Energy Ombudsman a go.

I will also notify @Tim_OVO and @Jess_OVO about this. They might not be back until Monday though.

Now after being on a phone call for 1 hour and 32 minutes he says he can’t set up a direct debit because he don’t have a projected usage?!?


so I said why threaten me with ccj and he says because don’t have a direct debit?!?!? 

IVE CONTACTED ALMOST 80 times via various methods to add a direct debit.. I’m losing control sorry but help someone?!?!?

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I’m sorry, but I can’t do much here as I’m only a forum volunteer. I’ve set a flag on this thread to alert the moderators that you need assistance, but they’re not always around at weekends.

Almost everyone on this forum including myself is an OVO member, rather than an OVO employee. There is no-one else I can summon for help at this time. Please hang in there until Monday, as I’ll definitely be able to get their attention once they’re back in the office.

Why also does this say solved when it isn’t 

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The thread has been marked as solved for now because there is an answer on it that may help other members in the same situation. It won’t be locked and the discussion can continue. It’s not related to whether the matter is solved though, which is independent of that.

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I’m so sorry to hear of what sounds like a really frustrating experience for you, @Suzie.1266.


As @Blastoise186 mentioned, we may mark a thread here as solved when we’ve given as much information to help get the issue resolved as we’re able to offer on a public platform without going into more account-specific detail.


In your case, I’d like to follow-up on what sounds like some mis-advice you were given in relation to being able to get a Direct Debit arrangement made. Usually we’d be able to use average usage figures to suggest an appropriate payment amount if we don’t yet know how much you generally use.


I’ve arranged for us to collect your account details via a private message. You can view this message by clicking on the profile menu in the top right-hand corner of any forum page.


I hope we can help get this resolved for you.