Why is there no half hourly gas meter readings or usage on my online account with a Secure SMETS1 smart meter, even when HAN, WAN are indicating no communication issues?

  • 8 September 2020
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It’s nearly 3 weeks now and the problem I have with OVO’s systems not making my half hourly gas readings available still has not been resolved.  The HAN cartouche is showing on both my electricity and gas smart meters so they appear to be communicating with each other and my total daily gas usage is being received by OVO as that is being updated on the web page.  Surely if one is being received so should the other? 


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22 replies

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Thanks for posting this, @TheBatsWhiskers - I want to get a real handle on these smart communication/online account usage issue topics. I don’t have an answer here, so this is more just to get the ball rolling and seeing who else is effected. 


We need to separate these issues by several factors:


  1. Smart meter type: SMETS1 Secure vs SMETS2 Aclara vs other SMETS2 manufactured meter
  2. Billing platform: New online account vs old MyOVO portal
  3. Fuel: Gas usage/readings vs electricity usage/readings

This topic (based on what you’ve confirmed to us in other threads) is about:


SMETS1 smart meters, on the new online account, not showing your gas usage/readings. 


For anyone with this same combination of issues, I’ll be adding to this topic moving forwards! 

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@TheBatsWhiskers  did you manage to get a satisfactory result as it would be good to know. Thanks :)

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@Jequinlan one word - no.

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@Tim_OVO can you help?

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@Tim_OVO can you help?


Yes, and I think I will now. 


@TheBatsWhiskers sadly you’re not the first forum member here to report that the S2 team haven’t provided an update when promised. I need to find a good contact there to see what’s going on, and I will raise your case as a specific example. 


To avoid me wasting my time, please post here if you get an update today! :) 

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@Tim_OVO I’ve just checked my account on the web portal and the phone app and nothing has been addressed as still no data available. 

Just think I also put in a suggestion via the feedback link some 2 years ago that OVO make the data available in a text format csv file for download.  Nothing has happened with that suggestion, so I’m not holding my breath for a speedy fix to the current problem.

Have a good and safe weekend :mask:

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Hi @TheBatsWhiskers just checking in on your half hourly usage issue?


I think you’re also affected by the situation outlined in this topic, where I confirm:


Please be advised that there is a known issue affecting some customers, where half hourly usage information is not populating onto online usage graphs, despite good smart meter comms, and a populated monthly chart. 


If you haven’t already, we’d appreciated it if you could make our Support team aware of this, so a ‘case’ can be raised, helping us to identify the volumes of those affected. 

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@Tim_OVO My initial question was put to the support team and I ended up on the community forum.  I have now ldged an official complaint, so we’ll see what happens now.

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I just posted this comment (below) on a related topic and wanted to share here:



“I had a meeting with @Transparent yesterday (I still need to see your latest post on your usage graph, it’s on my list), where we discussed the online account usage graphs, changes being made by developers, forum members providing examples of issues, and the disconnect between the two. I will do my best (either today or early next week) to propose closer cooperation to allow issues, changes and causes to be linked together more effectively. 


In the meantime, we have an update for users of the online account on their mobile:





Orion mobile usage display


Orion members accessing online accounts via mobile phone will now see one vertical chart displaying their consumption on the Usage page. This has replaced tables and graphs. You can switch between gas/elec and kWh/£ on the chart with the Energy Settings toggles


You’ll still be able to view comparisons between months and years as a table using comparison buttons below the chart.


This is being rolled out gradually so some members may still see the old version. 


Has anyone had a problem with Ovo in getting their daily gas meter readings? When checking usage electricity is showing the 30 minute consumption but with the gas only get a message saying data is unavailable. The monthly gas data is provided so the data must be available.

Have contacted Ovo and have been advised that they have set the gas meter for 30 minutes reading and that the problem has been escalated but after 3 months no solution. It seems to me their technical team is either incompetent, they have too many consumer problems and I am low on the list, not enough staff to resolve problems expeditiously  or they have little concept of customer care.

where do I go from here please.

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Hey there @Pog12 !

Sorry about this. I remember that there was a known issue that had gone to the Tech Team a while ago that was related to this. I think it was raised under PRB-1090 at the time. Let me see if I can ask @Tim_OVO if he knows of any updates on the fix.

Can you try bringing up gas usage data from yesterday in the OVO app as well please? If it shows up there, you might be able to use that as a workaround for now. But if it doesn’t, that will need to be looked into. I can help with getting this flagged up right here on the forum, but I’ll need to see if I can find out the latest news first.

Thanks for bringing this up!

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Welcome to the OVO online community, @Pog12 and thanks for raising an important first question.


I’m sorry to hear you’ve been affected by a tech issue meaning you’re unable to view half-hourly gas usage graphs on your online account, despite your meters being in communication.


@Blastoise186 makes a great point, in the fact that this was a known issue affecting others. I’ve moved your query over to a topic where this was raised previously as the advice above may be helpful. If you’ve already been in touch with our Support Team, they will be able to raise this to be investigated by our tech team. As tech issue can take some time to resolve, we do appreciate your patience whilst we look to get this sorted.


Any updates of whether the issue has been resolved in your cases, @Jequinlan or @TheBatsWhiskers ?

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I still have no daily usage figures in my app…..

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@Jess_OVOIt was fixed - must have been the end of November last year - but the fix didn’t last long as all (and by all I mean every all previous readings going back to July 2018 which is when I signed up for OVO) have not been available since 4th April.  The total daily usage figure is available, just not the half hourly.

I lodged an online complaint on 4th May, received a replly on 17th May stating “This sounds quite strange, looking at your account we are getting meter readings every day, at half hour intervals.  Could you send a screen shot of the usage section...”.  I supplied the screen shots the same day and on 20th May received an email saying that the screen shots had been sent to the technical team to investigate.  The investigation must be ongoing as the readings are still not available.

The problem occurs on both the mobile app as well as the web portal on my desktop.

I got the same response as  TheBatsWhiskers. Looks like a standard reply to this problem and I wonder if it is code for  “we will do nothing and hope the complainer will go away”. 
It would be helpful if indications are given on a time frame for resolution rather than “we will ring you after 10 working days to update you”. 

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Sorry to hear this is a persistent issue for you all.


Just to update,  I have raised this to our tech team who are looking to see if this is a general issue. It would be interesting to hear if you have ever been able to view the half hourly data and if so when you noticed this was no longer available?


Hoping we can get to the bottom of what might be causing this.

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Just to add one extra case, I noticed some missing half-hourly gas data earlier this week too. There’s none at all on 24/5 and 25/5 (this is the table from the new style web page, and the data on those days are not hyperlinked to HH data.):

But actually there are one or more missing HH data every day since 23/5. For instance, there’s only a couple of data on 23/5 instead of the full 48.

For what it’s worth, the Bright app was also missing some gas data over the last few days, but it has now filled in all the gaps in gas data except 24/5: on that day it’s got only 3 out of 48 data.

In my case there are also missing electricity HH data, on 23-24/5, and missing in both Bright app and Ovo, so I’m inclined to think there might be a problem with data transfer between my Comms Hub and DCC. Perhaps it’s a DCC problem, affecting more users than just me?

Having gone over a year without any missing HH data at all, this is all a bit disappointing.



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In my case there are also missing electricity HH data, on 23-24/5, and missing in both Bright app and Ovo, so I’m inclined to think there might be a problem with data transfer between my Comms Hub and DCC. Perhaps it’s a DCC problem, affecting more users than just me?

Having gone over a year without any missing HH data at all, this is all a bit disappointing.


That is disappointing to hear, @Simon1D, particularly given that you’ve had complete half-hourly usage data for the past year. 


As your electricity readings have also been affected I am inclined to agree that this would suggest an issue with the communication between us and the meters. If you haven’t already, it might be worth carrying out a Smart meter health check and contacting our Support Team with the results. They will then be able to raise this to our Smart Team who can identify whether this is a general issue or something more site-specific.


Hope we can get the communication issues resolved quickly and your useful half-hourly usage data restored. :slight_smile:

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@Jess_OVOI don’t recall ever missing any half hourly electricity readings over the nearly 3 years I’ve been with OVO, it’s only ever been gas. 

Previously the unavailability problem didn’t seem to affect past gas HH readings as they were available, only those from when it started to when it was fixed were missing and after the fix the missing ones were magically available, so the data is (or was) there.  At all times the total daily usage was available, but as @Simon1D has mentioned the total daily wasn’t hyperlinked to the HH readings.

The problem hasn’t been fixed as gas HH readings are still unavailable, so that’s now just 2 days short of 2 months of missing data.

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I’m sorry to hear that the previous general fix that was applied hasn’t resolved the issue with the availability of your half-hourly gas usage data, @Jequinlan, @TheBatsWhiskers and @Pog12.


Although I have already made the team aware that this does appear to be a common issue, there are account-specific issues which may be the cause so it is best to contact the Support Team if you haven’t already.  They can make sure the issue is logged on your account and investigate it with full access to your smart meter details. 


Please be aware we can’t give exact timeframes as to when technical issues are resolved as there are lots of factors which determine how quickly it can be fixed (for example the severity of the issue, the number of members affected, the complexity of the engineering work). We will always do our best to keep you updated on the progress though.


If a loss of gas usage data coincides with missing electricity data, as @Simon1D has mentioned, this suggests that the issue is with the communication of the meters in which case we’d recommend carrying out a smart meter health check and contacting the Support Team with your results.


I appreciate that you have been missing this really helpful data for some time and am hoping we can get this sorted for you soon.


Good news. Ovo has fixed my problem and I am now seeing daily gas consumption at 30 min intervals :yum:  I hope there are no further future problems but well done Ovo support team after 4 months.

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Nice! Glad to hear it @Pog12 . :)

Hopefully things should be stable for you going forwards, provided you don’t need a Meter Exchange again. Most smart meters are certified for around 10 to 15 years anyway, so you shouldn’t have any problems there for a looooooooooong time yet. XD