Why is it taking so long to get an incorrect meter reading given to SSE corrected by OVO?

  • 28 February 2022
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Good work at least they get back to you

I could call up and ask to speak to the “special” person but they didn’t like that last time I did that.  lol

Well OVO  work different to any other co i have dealt with try to keep it to email or customer services who seem hopeless at times

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yeah I know!!……….As I said prior if you speak to Citizens Advice on the number I gave earlier they will call OVO and give them a gentle push and they will call you.

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All I can say is that after what happened today with SSE which was a result if OVO cannot sort from here as they have everything they need to do so then they really are a hopeless bunch but lets give them the benefit of doubt for now.

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I just wanted to step in here to remind all forum users of our Community House rules. We closely monitor all forum activity and try to take a light-touch approach to moderation, allowing members to freely share advice and support based on their own lived experience. However, intimidating language or discussion towards other members or OVO employees isn’t welcome here. I’ve made the decision to edit some comments in this thread as they weren’t in-keeping with the constructive space we’re aiming to create.


I appreciate the frustration many of you are feeling, as you’re still waiting for a resolution to an outstanding complaint, which may be taking longer to get sorted than usual. Our complaints team are working hard to make sure we investigate these accounts and reach out to those members, however they’re particularly busy at the moment.


I feel it’s also important to reiterate our complaints procedure here. Initially complaints or account issues should be raised via our Support Team, who’ll be able to access your account to try and get things worked out at first point of contact. If they’re not able to get things resolved your complaint would then be escalated to our resolutions team, and if still not resolved, escalated to the highest point internally, to our Complaints Team. Once a complaint agent is assigned to your case, they’ll reach out to you directly, confirming the Complaints Team's contact details. If these contact details are used before your complaint has been escalated to this team your call would be redirected back to our Support Team. 


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All I can say is that after what happened today with SSE which was a result if OVO cannot sort from here as they have everything they need to do so then they really are a hopeless bunch but lets give them the benefit of doubt for now.

Can not help thinking in your case SSE complaints do have specific  people department dealing
with it ensuring  issues are solved . Hope people follow your advise  .

Remain to be convinced about some of the other complaints., would like to be proved wrong

But Sunak and the clowns  should be held responsible for their part (its ok guys have a loan it will all blow over ) Dont think majority can see what is possibly around the corner

I know for a fact Jess and Tim  do everything they can to help and they have in my case.
Also the point about forum moderation majority of other forums would of not allowed  some of the  points/information published so fair play to them, imo thats at least owning up and taking onboard issues and criticism.


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Well I’m glad SSE has done their part in this and corrected my incorrect readings and paid me back for my error and overpayments to them through my ovo bill.

However the more important and harder part is now to come as I have said. I have to get ovo to recognise my correct gas meter readings as they are today and not go by the incorrect estimate from those incorrect but now rectified readings and therefore the incorrect bill they produced on 4/1/22 right from the start.

Until I can upload my actual gas readings to my account which I still cannot do yet because the system will not allow it as my readings are way lower than their incorrect estimate this is not over and will be a continuing saga. That is the crux of it.

So Come on OVO you have all the information you need to correct this as you have had before, but now its actually from SSE as well so no more excuses or delays, do your job and get this sorted please….I know you can do it.

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Have they/you broached the subject of compensation for all the effort distress ect caused ?

Or will it be correct the mistakes and brush it off by them

Imagine majority are just relieved its sorted

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No compensation, was our mistake that caused this, half has been corrected by an ok company, the rest is yet to be. If they don’t do it then things will get a bit more serious.

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  • 440rb  Well looks like i am going to be proved wrong 
    My name is Isaac and I work in the Advanced Resolution Team as a Senior Agent. I have tried to call you today but I am afraid I was unable to reach you or leave a voicemail to let you know I have called.

    Please accept my apologies for inconvenience and delay in processing the change to Boost. This has taken much longer than it should have done and I will make sure all feedback is submitted to the correct people and we will be able to discuss compensation once all the issues with the switch over have been taken care of.

    I have been assigned to this case as your point of contact and my usual working hours

    are Monday to Friday 9am until 5pm. Please either reply to this email or please call in on .

    Funny i said to Mrs i bet i get they tried to call excuse  

    That can slip by  and i will be happy actual person contact detail shame email arrived at 4.58 pm on Friday. and the word compensation was mentioned
    I know i am dealing with someone that actually comprehends the problem
    Guess what they have installed credit on meters so i can get them online
    Someone obviously is reading posts and feed back fantastic

    Couple of other issues were not mentioned but they may not be aware of but i am sure a actual chat will resolve them.

    Will update original thread sure Jess and Tim will sigh with relief lol

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ok so I’m told by senior advisor today about the re calculation from SSE which by the way is still too high but better but they have to confirm it or check it out I’m told somehow?, I sent them the new bill I got from SSE by email and they have it so I guess they have to make sure I didn’t produce it myself?, as if I could, migration team are looking in to it again or will be but not sure how long, but it will be done, just sounds like more excuses to me tbh and I’m being as fair as I can under circumstances so don’t know where this is going to end as nothing is still being done and Apr 1st is an important date for all and needs to be sorted, its only been 3 months from the start of this so not that long!!!!!!

I cannot upload any correct gas meter readings to my account because they are a lot less than their still incorrect readings/estimates on the system.

As I said before its the other half that could be the problem and it looks that way.


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Just as a final note, its all been sorted, funny it was a day before I was going to call CAB and escalate things to their extra help unit, wonder if that had anything to do with it.


U won’t receive any help from ovo, I have been through it. Eventually had to get ombudsman involved. 
I suggest you do the same & take the other reply’s advice and keep your records & record calls, the times & duration too as agents have no problem lying to you. 

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Agents don’t in effect lie to you they just have no power to do much depending on the nature of the  complaint, all they can do is pass you on to another dept. who also don’t have any power to do much and so it goes on, a senior complaints advisor is somewhat better in that they will contact you weekly or less to update you.

In my case incorrect readings had to be verified by the National Database of meter readings which is why it took so long I was told>>>>>

As I said get in touch with Citizens Advice, that seemed to work for me. The Ombudsman is probably a waste of time in many cases not all.

And don’t forget if you’ve had a meter reader appointment and they don’t turn up they pay £30 per missed appointment, I got £60 off my bill for that, another £280 from SSE for a recalculated overpaid wrong bill and another £150 off from the ovo advisor when she called to say its been sorted but only after I said about the wrong bill amount at the start.

When agents tell u repeatedly “they will call you back” giving personal guarantees. Then no call comes, after the 5th or 6th time u have to realise they have or had no intention of calling u back. Lie!

when they email u saying “sending this email because we tried calling but got no answer” then u check your call list & no missed calls. Hmmm liars!

better jus Changing supplier it will save you time & grief in the long run.