Why is it taking so long to get an incorrect meter reading given to SSE corrected by OVO?

  • 28 February 2022
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Hi, I came over to Ovo in Jan, my meter previous meter reading for gas was incorrect from SSE, our fault and have been trying to get this sorted with advisors, resolution dept. with no joy. just keep getting fobbed off. Have sent at least 4 pictures of my meter and reading, called 13 times now and nothing. They’ve also arranged for a Meter Reader to come out twice now for clarification and nobody has come wasting my time. Cannot believe what is going on. ANy advice would be welcomed………….thanks


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It’s disappointing to hear that the issue you raised here previously is still unresolved, @440rb.


As you mention some missed meter reader appointments, it’s worth following these up with our Support Team. If you’ve had an engineers visit confirmed and you weren’t advised of a cancellation with at least 24 hours notice, you may be eligible for a standard £30 compensation. As meter reader appointments are also covered by this, our Support Team can request this for you, if eligible.


It sounds like a really difficult migration journey for you. If you haven’t already it would be best to raise this as a formal complaint which would allow us to investigate any shortfalls in service you might have faced.


I’m hoping this information helps get things sorted.


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The problem is that there are so many dept’s one has to get through before it gets to anyone with any authority to actually do anything.

Spoke again today with the resolution dept.where the chap seemed helpful but again has limited authority, (whats a resolution centre for if its not to resolve the issue?), all he could do to help was initiate my complaint to the “Senior Complaints dept.”, gave me a case number and said they will give me a special customer liaison agent who will deal with this specifically with me and keep me informed by contact of its progress but that could take 5 days. This could’ve been done and dusted in the first week not taken 2 months now and still not done.

This is the problem, too many dept’s as I said nobody willing to take any authority to do anything or not allowed to. Its a very bad set up and one which many customers will make sure they leave as soon as they can. You are doing yourselves no favors whatsoever in the manner your dealing with people.

Oh and the complaints page online is not working, It was some time ago but not now, I wonder why!

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If someone has an issue like mine where they either read their meter wrong previously of which I can show clearly by the huge amount of difference from one reading to the other in the summer period where virtually no gas is used which has generated a too high estimated reading and therefore Bill or a wrong reading in some other manner for other customers, sending proof of your actual meter reading by photo should be enough proof for you to act no question about it otherwise you are in effect calling your customers liars and that gets things into another different more serious situation.

The fact that I have twice asked for a meter reader to come out and also at your own suggestion I was given 2 dates/times separately when they would come, nobody has turned up on either date, this does not and would not go down well with me or anyone and does suggest total incompetence or something even more sinister as you would have to act as that is concrete proof isn’t it.

So whats it going to take to get this sorted, you tell me if you can, does anybody have the slightest idea what they are doing there, this is elementary stuff that a 10yr old could sort out. Oh and by the way Citizens Advice are now involved and have been in contact with yourselves to give a gentle push for now.

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I’m so sorry for the delay in correcting your meter readings, @440rb.


As you mention this is usually an easy fix, however as I believe your account has recently joined us from SSE, it’s slightly complicated by the fact that we need to get the readings corrected across both your OVO and SSE accounts. That said I’m really surprised to hear that the meter reader appointments you were offered failed to happen.


If you’ve raised these concerns to our Support Team I’d expect them to have raised a complaint which should be escalated if we’re not able to get things sorted at first point of contact. I’d like the opportunity to check your account to update you on the status of any open complaints. I’ve sent you a Private Message to request your account details so I can look into this for you.


I hope this helps.

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I feel your pain Jess, I really do. I'm having exactly the same problem with SSE and have not received any communication from OVO about being changed over so I really don't know who to turn to.

I have spent literally HOURS (at least 16 hours) on the phone to various departments, I've raised a formal complaint which has yet to be dealt with and this morning received a call from their collections department who are threatening me with legal action. I've also sent photos to my complaint contact which clearly shows a decimal point in the wrong place resulting in them believing I used 10 times the gas I actually have. Trying to charge me over £500 for 70 days of heating and hot water in a 1 bedroom flat. Any clown could see this is suspicious but they continue to harass and threaten me and I'm now on antidepressants and sleeping medication from my GP

I've emailed them again today, left a message on this forum and other than going to call personally on their head office I am stumped about what I can do next. 

Like I said I really feel your pain and hope you get your problem resolved but when you're having to deal with customer service advisors in Asia it's hard to make them understand. For me I am determined they will not get their extortionate money.

Good luck

Best wishes


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I’m so sorry to hear of the stress that’s been caused when trying to get your meter readings corrected by SSE, @Dazza66.


As you mentioned not receiving any notification of the migration of your account from SSE to OVO, I’m wondering if this is a slightly different issue to that described by @440rb above. Whilst we’re gradually moving all SSE account over to OVO, if yours it yet to join us, we’d be unable to investigate the meter reading issue you mention.


We’d recommend getting in touch with the SSE Support Team if you’re yet to hear back from their complaints team.


I’m really hoping they’re able to get things sorted quickly for you.

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Hi Jess_OVO and thanks for your reply.

The SSE app says my account is closed and directs me to the website where I can log in and see my account. At the top of the website it says SSE part of the OVO group so I was assuming I have been changed.

I will continue to speak with the complaints department, assuming they actually do call me back.



I’m in the same situation.  The meter readings are clearly wrong (they start with a 7 when actually it starts with a 4).    I’ve had conflicting advice from customer support - one suggested paying token amounts until the resolution dispute is resolved.  This was a week ago and when I chased yesterday the dispute hadn’t been set up (because the numbers seemed so wrong… erm, yes, that’s why I wasted hours of my life on the phone to you).  The second advisor set she would set up a dispute resolution!  Meantime, I’m getting emails telling me I’m in a negative balance (no, really?).  Oh and the advisor reminded me of my credit score being affected.  Charming… I’ve done nothing wrong, am willing to pay, just not prepared to overpay when it takes this long to just get a correct reading.  

My main concerns are:

The bill says the opening reading was sent by me.  It wasn’t, that’s a lie.

The meter ‘readings’ are clearly incorrect… did nobody bother to check with my previous history?

OVO had completely the wrong mobile phone number for me.  Where on earth did this come from?  Mismatching records during data migration?

I’ve received nothing in writing to confirm the conversations I’ve had with OVO and the actions they are (or, actually, are not) taking.

I work in the NHS and, as I’m sure you can imagine, don’t have the time to spend trying to sort this out.


Sorry for the lengthy rant.  Perhaps we should form a protest group to get this sorted out.

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It does beg the question why doesn't OVO pause any more SSE migrations to give it time to clear the backlog of issues. 

Issues happen with migrations, but it does at least appear that OVO are overloaded and don't have enough staff or slick processes. Of course it may just be a few isolated cases. 

In all the data and system migrations i   have ever managed i have always made sure we had more than enough people to conduct testing and handle issues. Knowing when to slow down and allow time to catch up with issuses is really important. 

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Th big issue I see here is that an ovo super senior special advisor assigned to me personally told me they have to get SSE to change the incorrect gas reading I gave them back in 5/10/21 which of course generated an incorrect bill on 4/1/22 cos of the estimated reading taken from that.

SSE said to me they cannot do that as do not have control over my meters anymore.

So how is that going to get sorted. It has to be done inhouse between them doesn’t it somehow, who has control over my meters now...OVO DO!!

My issue seems minor and quite straight forward compared to some people.

I suggest you call Citizens Advice as I have said before to just get someone to take your case on properly in the first place. Phone calls to advisors are a waste of time unfortunately from my experience.

The resolution centre **edited by mod** also seems to be unable to do anything believe it or not, as some weeks ago now the advisor I spoke to told me he went into my account there and then and put the correct reading in that I gave them on 6/1/22, if that was indeed the case this would surely be sorted by now surely as it would generate a new bill.

 All conversations are recorded, so thats on tape, …..nothing has changed reading wise, my bill is the same, so what in fact did he do, did the system override what he did if he did it at all, I wonder, what is he there for or the whole resolution team for that matter if when a change like that is made and nothing happens.

I want to know who has the power to actually make the simple change/s required to sort my an peoples bills. Does anyone at OVO know the answer to that, how high do you have to go to get something done, I’m all ears.

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Annual Complaints Report
OVO Energy and Boost Power 2021
Complaint Handling
Great customer service is key to what we do, but we know things don’t
always go quite right. When that happens, we’re always keen to get any
issues resolved as soon as we know about them. Sometimes, if things are
more complex, they might take a little longer.
Between 1st October 2020 and 30th September 2021:
83% of OVO complaints were resolved by the end of next working day
The other 14,266 (17%) took a little longer to make sure we got things right
94% of OVO Complaints were resolved within eight weeks
84% of Boost complaints were resolved by the end of next working day
The other 7,004 (16%) took a little longer to make sure we got things right
96% of Boost complaints were resolved within eight weeks
The top three main complaint reasons in the last year were:
● Customer Service
● Billing
● Direct Debit and Refunds

What are we doing?
We want OVO Energy to keep providing the best customer service we can,
so here's just some improvements we have made over the last 12 months.

Well, this is all a bit dystopian, isn’t it?  I’m thinking of contacting BBC Money Box to see if they’ll challenge what OVO is doing.  I’m sure there are some very vulnerable people suffering the same issues.  

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@440rb you are entitled to compensation if a meter reader fails to turn up. I have successfully claimed in the past with another supplier.

Under Ofgem's Guaranteed Standards, customers must be paid £30 whenever a meter reader missed their four-hour time slot. And then if the energy company doesn't pay up in 10 days, you can claim an extra £30.

So i would put in two claims now if you haven't already. I would put in two claims for 60 pounds if it was more than 10 days ago. 



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I spent another fruitless hour on the phone today. It was the 0345 070 7373 number. Eventually got through, the chap had a look at my complaint and asked me if it was ok to put me on hold while he spoke to the person concerned. After about 10 minutes on hold I was cut off! Classic tactics for someone who doesn't want to speak to me.

Well that was around 1pm and no-one has rang me back. I've recorded the details on my file as another hour they owe me and yet more stress at not getting this resolved. Should they go ahead with their threat of county court action I can see the judge laughing it out of the courtroom. Hopefully it won't get that far and someone will wake up and press the right button.


The saga continues

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Emailed at 11am today and containing lots of threats, lovely. 

Is anyone from SSE/OVO reading this?- **edited by mod**

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Emailed at 11am today and containing lots of threats, lovely. 

Is anyone from SSE/OVO reading this? Don't you people have a conscience?

Best thing to do is keep all your evidence i record all phone calls ect 
If you really have tried over and above wait for summons and pop yourself in front of a magistrate with your evidence. 
I normally get a expensive solicitor to come along for the laugh they just watch and run bill up.

Its great listening to Magistrate/ Judge tearing a strip off the  other side for wasting courts time and giving thier opinion on customer service and resolution efforts

Done it a few times

Did it once to the council i worked for believe it or not, they took me to court for none payment of council tax despite it being stopped out of my salary.
As saying goes you can take a horse to water but you will never make it drink

And now we know why Which only recommends one energy supplier year after year



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As I have said before do not waste your time phoning, email with pics of your meter/s readings if necessary etc. according to your case. Call Citizens Advice and they’ll contact ovo and you will get a response as I did. Call the ovo resolution team **edited by mod** and talk to someone there, I did it today and got through within a few mins. Your complaint has to come under a “Change of Supply Dispute”.

Looks my case is almost done, my bill went DOWN by 300 not enough really as SSE changed the incorrect readings I gave them and that caused a credit which they transferred over to OVO account and its there, its not quite enough but.

Only thing now is to just get them to recognise those gas meter reading changes SSE just made and change them on my actual readings on the account which they haven’t done yet and stop estimating bills from those incorrect readings. So almost there. They have actually done something, I’m not completely out of the woods yet but almost there…….changing the correct readings on my gas meter is obviously the most important so its recognised and we can move on as normal albeit the increases are huge and painful for most.

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Best time to get through on phone is have it dialed and press call at 8am you get straight through but it does not guarantee once they have spoke to you they wont leave you on hold for 3.5 hours 

Also pop over and post your feedback on OVO TRUSTPILOT  You normally get a response in a few hours 

Just left mine on BOOST TRUSTPILOT already responded  they want me to move it on to
Its on the right place

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If you can get a dedicated resolution person for your case as I did you won’t have to keep calling, they will call you with updates and look into your case personally but you need CAB 0808 223 1133 to contact OVO first to get them to respond to you as I found or call the res dept. yourself.

Normal advisors don’t have any authority to do much as I found after 15 calls, it has to be the resolution dept. and then the senior res dept., and then the migration team, my experience.

As with most companies now its pot luck what type of customer service you get, some help more than others to put it mildly.

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Thanks for all the replies and advice everyone it's much appreciated. I'm going to sit down tomorrow and work out my plan of attack. It's such a pity that these corporations would rather budget money for fines and legal fees than employ a few more people to sort things out.

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I emailed the CEO and directors with link to thread i got this response in 60 mins

Never followed through

Thanks for getting in touch with Alison Jaap – I’m really sorry to hear you’re unhappy. My name’s Tom, Head of OVO Complaints, and I’m here to put things right for you.

My team’s working hard to read through all the information and fully investigate what’s happened, and we’ll get back to you within 5 working days. 

If you haven’t heard back by then, please have a quick look in your junk or spam folder. Our emails can sometimes get lost there.

Thanks for your patience.

Tom Smith

Head of OVO Complaints

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Well SSE have done their job and corrected my incorrect readings to what they should’ve been more or less, slightly out but its ok based on my previous usage and error I made.

So they’ve credited me with my overpayments to them which has come off of my OVO account. Got all proof through email. Good on them.

All I have to do now is get OVO to recalculate their first bill to me on 4/1/22 where their estimate of gas usage was way over the top and reduce the whole bill and then upload my ACTUAL correct gas meter readings to my account and send estimates based on that in the future and then things will be done.

Sounds simple doesn’t it, we will see if they do that now that SSE have done their job well.

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how long did it take start to finish ?

Are they just correcting it or will you receive compensation ?

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Well its not quite finished yet. SSE have done their bit but still got OVO to do their bit as I’ve said. 

I first started this on 6/1/22, It is only half done now on 10/3/22. I think the rest will get sorted now but I only here from special advisor every 7 days!, I could call up and ask to speak to the “special” person but they didn’t like that last time I did that.

I need some money back from OVO and they take my correct gas readings on board.