Why have my monthly summaries not included gas usage costs for the past 3 months?

  • 11 May 2022
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Hi there - first post on this forum (it’s called desperation!)

I noticed that my last bill (12th Mar-11th Apr 2022) did not include any gas usage, despite having submitted the readings as usual on the required date.

I contacted the help team via online ‘chat’ a couple of weeks ago - the agent agreed that there was a problem and would refer it to the back office billing team, and would set the priority to ‘high.’ I was given a ‘case number’.

No amended bill, so I tried the help chat again a few days ago, and was again told that the billing problems were being worked on.

This was followed up by a phone call trying to persuade me to have a smart meter fitted (no, OVO - bad time to be trying to interest me in more of your software and technology, I just want my bills correcting!)

On checking back further, I’ve discovered that all 3 of this year’s bills are missing charges for gas usage (i.e. standing charges only.)

My main concern is that the period in question includes the start of the higher tariff after the price cap was raised on April 1st, and also the time I was still in contract and paying much lower tariffs (until 9th Feb 2022), so if the problem is not resolved until a later date, I could end up paying for all this year’s actual gas usage at the highest rate.

I’ve been an OVO customer for many years, with no billing or other problems at all - I’m posting this partly to provide a record of the details of this unfortunate experience, but also as a potential warning to anyone else whose bills may have been  less than expected in recent months.

Of course, if it prompts OVO to actually get a pencil and paper and out and correct these errors, that would be a considerable bonus.


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Hi @JayG and welcome to the OVO online community,


Sorry to hear of the billing issues that have brought you here however. As you mention, if you’ve been regularly submitting meter readings your energy charges should be calculated and sent to your in your monthly summary so it sounds like there’s an account-specific technical issue which has affected your gas charges recently.


If you’ve already been in touch with the Support Team and they’re unable to fix things during the call, they’ll escalate this to another team for further investigations. I appreciate that it can take slightly longer to get things fixed, depending on the cause of the issue. But rest assured the team will be in touch as soon as things are sorted, and any usage charges can be back-dated to make sure they are covered by the appropriate plan.


Have you managed to login in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) to check your billing history there?

Have you managed to login in to your online account or OVO app (download for Android or iOS) to check your billing history there?


My account is online only, so yes - logging on and viewing my recent bills is what first brought the problem to light. (Don’t have the app because it doesn’t add any useful functionality as far as I’m concerned.)

I do hope your optimism is justified - my next bill is due in a few days! 🤔

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Any updates on the missing usage costs, @JayG?


We’re hoping the billing team have since managed to get those monthly summaries updated to include your gas usage. You can check this by re-downloading the previous monthly summaries via the ‘Billing History’ page of your online account.


Let us know if things have been resolved. 

Monthly summaries have now been updated - would have been easier (for me) if you’d emailed me when the the job was completed rather than leaving me to log in and check up on a regular basis (this has been ongoing for at least a month, after all.)