Why have I lost the yearly view and comparisons on my online usage graphs?

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From day one with OVO I have been able to see annual data and comparisons, rather than daily useage.
It would appear that this functionality has been removed in preference for daily data returned by smart metres. I for one am not intending to micro-manage my energy consumption and am happy to check long term deviations and so spot increasing annual costs so I can budget accordingly.

When questioned I am told this is probably due to issues at my end - wrong browser, clogged cache, and so on. Nonsense.


You tell me that by clicking on usage that the options to see year on year comparisons should appear - they do not.


When I go to the help centre and ask for my annual statement there is a check your yearly energy use box, which when clicked on re-routes me back to my monthly energy use in and endless loop.


So broken links?
Update issues?

Is this something other folk are having issues with?

What was a first rate site seems to be having issues with the latest update and basic functions either broken or deliberately removed … 



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However, it’s worth bearing in mind that Internet Explorer is a dead browser anyway that’ll be killed off in just over a year from now and no-one really uses it much anymore.


I’m afraid that is far from true for enterprise environments - and many people use work PC’s for personal use as well. There is no end-date for IE11 for enterprise versions of Windows 10 as yet and it will be supported for as long as Windows versions that originally included it are still under support.

And yes, despite the best attempts from people like myself at getting it deprecated, it is still in use I’m afraid.

But hey, lets not get too hung up on this. My comments were really aimed at saying that commercial organisations generally want to have the widest customer reach and so will generally err on the side of caution when it comes to supported browser versions unless they want to loose customers.

Sticking to well-recognised standard versions of JavaScript is the best approach of course and even IE is reasonably good at supporting that up to a point. Thankfully, Apple have gotten rather better at this as well recently. So using a version of JavaScript standards from a few years back is a good way of maintaining compatibility. Polyfill libraries can also help plug some gaps if needed.


Anyway, great to see a community forum being well used and hopefully the problem will be easy to fix.


A good community forum goes a long way towards customer satisfaction. Though I should say that I’ve never joined before because I’ve never needed any support before - that doubtless says something important about Ovo. :smile:

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Back with an update from the team on this one - they have been working on this feature so sounds like a bug crept in there whilst they were making the changes (hopefully this should have already been fixed).


They did also explain that the usage views available do depend on your meter type - 


Smart users (with exclusively smart meters) will see tabs to toggle between views - they can view daily, monthly and yearly usage.


Traditional users (with exclusively traditional meters) will not see the tabs as they can only view yearly usage.


Mixed meter users (with both types) will not see tabs, but they do see the drop down (within the navigation menu on the left) - they can view yearly and monthly.



Anyway, great to see a community forum being well used and hopefully the problem will be easy to fix.


A good community forum goes a long way towards customer satisfaction. Though I should say that I’ve never joined before because I’ve never needed any support before - that doubtless says something important about Ovo. :smile:


And we whole-heartedly agree with this one - so nice to have so many active community members here to help us improve our online features. Bringing all your technical expertise to the table, we really are incredibly grateful to have you here to share your knowledge and ultimately play a really important role in our journey to Plan Zero - we couldn’t do it without you! :relaxed:

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My image differs from yours in that the three options simply don’t appear
… and it seems that I’m not alone?
There seems to be a load of struck out lines of code related to this bit - tried all the usual things and both the browsers I have respond identically.
The gremlins are at it again.


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I have the same issue. These console errors may help.


I’m using W10 2021H1, Edge current.

Might also be worth noting that I run AdGuard for Windows with browser integration.

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It seems as if something unrelated might be messing up your internet connection somehow as you shouldn’t be getting most of those red Error level messages. Are you maybe using something like a PiHole to sinkhole stuff by any chance? It shouldn’t cause MyOVO to break as long as you don’t sinkhole any of OVO’s domains.


Well, AdGuard is a very powerful and handy tool. In fact, it is so good, I paid for a family membership. So yes, using AdGuard for Windows provides OS level filtering of unwanted endpoints such as Google trackers :sunglasses:

That’s why I mentioned it as you are correct that the errors on things like Google analytics are because of it. But no, I’m not filtering anything to actually do with Ovo sites so it shouldn’t have any impact.


My user agent is:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/90.0.4430.212 Safari/537.36 Edg/90.0.818.66



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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this one, @Jeffus - something strange certainly seems to be going on here.


I’ve checked in with the team to see if there are any known bugs which could be causing the inconsistencies you’re seeing between the different views of your usage pages and it looks like this could be a new one. 


In order to get to the root of the cause it would be best to contact our Support Team, who’ll have full access to your account and can raise this one to the tech team if it’s not something they’re able to resolve.


Let us know how you get on - we’d love to hear if you notice these corrections rectify themselves. :slight_smile:

July sorted itself out in August.

April still the same issue.

It is not a big issue as the bills were fine.

Perhaps it is the system assuming some average reading for the days prior to me joining OVO when calculating the costs on the electricity yearly view?

August seems OK.

On a separate point the Direct Debit Calculator is useful. Adding the Kwh figures as well as the costs i think would be useful, either on the Direct Debit Calculator or elsewhere to see a forward view of Kwh. I think for us the Direct Debit calculator is assuming too high a usage in summer and too low in winter. Of course every house is different. Be interesting to see after 12 months

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Wow - thanks for some really detailed bug reporting there - @Blastoise186, @knight and @MBA :bug: !


I’ve sent the team a link to this thread as you’ve explained the issue better than I ever could, so will pop back once I’ve got an update. 


Hope we can get this pesky issue resolved soon for your all!

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Ah ha! Perfect. That bug has been fixed as well. Nice. XD

Could you double check that everything’s working as well please @knight @darkness and @MBA ? If things are still broken, please give us a shout and I’ll ask for this to be flagged up again.

But if it’s all working fine now, it would be great to get a thumbs up as well, so that we know it’s not just fixed for me.

Sorry it took a while to get these pesky critters squashed!

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Delighted to report a partial success: I have now got back annual comparisons as default, but there is still is no sign of the three options - Year, Month, Day - that you show earlier at the very top.


Must say I’m most impressed by the work you guys are doing on this … and hope the next rewrite will finally let you move on.

Computing and functionality and naughty games played by the giant corporations has become such a complicated matter - I’m just waiting for some malevolent operator to turn off all the smart meters!

Ho hum.

I’m late replying to this :cry: but I get the same as @knight. I don’t have a smart meter either and am now seeing the yearly by month figures, which is what I wanted.

Thanks to @Blastoise for pushing Ovo so hard on this.

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@Jess_OVO Any reference to an invalid date has now been resolved & it now populates with the correct data, i also still have the comparison tab 👍 yey 

All good & no issues across both my accounts now 👌



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Hi @MBA and welcome to the OVO online community!


Sorry to hear you’re having some issues with the yearly view on your online usage graphs. 


As @Blastoise186 has mentioned we have had a few other users report issues with these recently, although not this exact issue. When accessing the usage page on your online account, there should be the option to switch between yearly, monthly and daily view using the tabs at the top of the screen -


Exact appearance may vary


Really sorry to hear you’re not currently able to access the annual view. Do these tabs not show on your screen or are you seeing an error message or no data when you click on the ‘year’ view?


Would be really helpful if you were able to send over a screenshot to help us work out what’s going wrong and flag this one to the team. :slight_smile:

I also don’t see the tabs to switch between annual, monthly or daily when I request Usage.

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I’m afraid I can’t reproduce this issue myself with Raichu set to Half-Hourly Mode and the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome 94 (Windows 10 using Stunfisk)
  • Mozilla Firefox 92 (Windows 10 using Stunfisk)
  • Microsoft Edge Chromium 94 (Windows 10 using Stunfisk)
  • Google Chrome 94 (Android 11 using Oshawott)
  • Chromium 93 (Ubuntu 21.04 using Magnetmite)
  • Mozilla Firefox 92 (Ubuntu 21.04 using Magnetmite)

Please can you tell me what web browser you’re using by any chance? If you’re using Internet Explorer, then I’m afraid that browser is unsupported. Please make sure you’re using either Google Chrome (recommended as it’s the most tested by OVO), Mozilla Firefox, Opera Chromium, Safari or Microsoft Edge Chromium. If you’re using one of these browsers, then I can definitely try to help you dig deeper, but if you’re not using them then I’m afraid it might not be possible to fix.

The only side note is that the OVO Energy app doesn’t currently support usage comparisons at this time. It’s definitely something that can be suggested though if you’d like to see that in the future.

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PS nor can I access the annual usage page - as mentioned before.

Yep your right! Was expecting the app to give comparisons!  ( why not) 

logged into the Ovo www and comparisons available. 

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For me.

For electricity the Kwh and cost figures dont align on the Usage page.

Impacts April and July. The cost figure is too high for April and too low for July. 

April was low for kwh as we joined that month. 

Kwh for electricity used is fine for all months. It is the costs that seem to have got confused, including the total cost for the year on the usage page which is high. 650.8kwh doesn't cost £131.35

Same issue on website and app. 



If I look on the monthly page the July costs look fine... 


​​​​​​And here is the April costs on the monthly tab


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You are absolutely right about using a workstation using Windows 7 - but this is irrelevant, as is why I use this on a dialy basis, (it works, is paid for, legacy programs and hatred of Windows 10, amongst other things) but would suggest that any site upgrade should be 100% campatible.

However, this doesn’t seem to be a compatibility issue.

I have just looked at the site on a new Windows 10 running workstation used for video editing (ie up-to-date and powerful) and find exactly the same issue appears on both Chrome and Firefox.

It appears still exactly the same as per screen shot sent.

I haven’t tried any of the 6 other laptops and tablets we’ve got.

So sorry back to you to find the bug!

So machine an OS isn’t the cause?


PS: There also seems to be an issue with logging in and password recognition … but let’s sort the usage graphics first!



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No worries, totally understandable. It’s just something I tend to mention in case people don’t know. There can sometimes be weird quirks that cause issues in particular versions of something that don’t exist in newer (or sometimes older!) versions but generally if I can pull off the same bug across Windows 10, Android and Ubuntu/Debian on several browsers, I definitely consider it valid. OVO’s website shouldn’t break just because of Windows 7 unless you’re using Internet Explorer (which is definitely not supported!), but sometimes weird quirks about Windows 7 can mess things up. :)

So while OS stuff can sometimes cause issues, it doesn’t look to be the culprit this time.

I’ve so far been able to verify the issue using Swampert, so I’ll write this up real quick. I’ve not had chance yet to try out my other devices, but one test from me and a bunch from other members is definitely plenty to get started. Once Tim and Jess are back, I’ll ask them to feed it back to the teams.

So… Let’s get the show on the road...

What’s the problem?

The option to get to Yearly usage from the sidebar doesn’t work when MyOVO is on the new tabbed view

How can I make it happen?

  1. Login to MyOVO with an account that’s got the new tabbed Usage views
  2. Click Usage from the sidebar
  3. Click Yearly from the sidebar

What should happen when I do this?

I should be able to get straight to my Yearly Usage data

What happens instead?

I get redirected to Monthly and have to click Yearly from the tabs. In some cases, it’s impossible to use either method to reach other views

Is there anything else that may be useful to know?

Yes. This report is based on a forum thread over at 

 so please check there for more details.

In addition, Blastoise186 has verified the report from @MBA and @darkness using Swampert with Windows 10 Home 21H1 64-bit and Google Chrome Version 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) (64-bit) with User Agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/91.0.4472.77 Safari/537.36

It’s also reported to affect Firefox on Windows 7 and Windows 10 as per the forum thread and will be verified shortly.

As an update to the above, this bug is further verified using Stunfisk on Windows 10 Pro 21H1 64-bit with Google Chrome as above, Microsoft Edge Chromium Version 91.0.864.37 (Official Build) (64-bit) with User Agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/91.0.4472.77 Safari/537.36 Edg/91.0.864.37
Internet Explorer mode is disabled on this User Agent and Browser.

Further verified using Stunfisk with Mozilla Firefox 88.0.1 (64-bit) with User Agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:88.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/88.0

And finally, verified on Magnetmite with Ubuntu Desktop 21.04 Hirsute Hippo 64-bit on Wayland with GNOME Desktop Environment 3.38.5 with Mozilla Firefox 88.0.1 (64-bit) and Chromium Version 91.0.4472.77 (Official Build) snap (64-bit) with User Agents:

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Ubuntu; Linux x86_64; rv:88.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/88.0

Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/91.0.4472.77 Safari/537.36

Please ignore the references to X11 in my User Agents. I am actually using Wayland rather than X11 but I guess User Agents don’t really show it yet!

And the final verification was done using Totodile with Google Chrome 90.0.4430.210. Full details are in the User Agent below. I couldn’t test this one using the OVO Energy app as this bug only affects MyOVO.

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 11; SM-A705FN) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/90.0.4430.210 Mobile Safari/537.36

Additionally, there’s possible indications of active A/B Testing or a recent deployment to MyOVO which may also be interfering with the Usage features and causing missing data. Please see the forum for further info on these

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As expected, Totodile smashed it right out of the park and was definitely the easiest reproduction so far. Totodile is the nickname of my phone. The device specs are already known to OVO which speeds things up too.

In this case I'm using Totodile with Google Chrome 90.0.4430.210. Full details are in the User Agent below.

Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 11; SM-A705FN) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/90.0.4430.210 Mobile Safari/537.36

At this point, I've now confirmed the issue exists on basically every non-Apple platform and my theory will be written up in the morning. Good luck!

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Thanks @Blastoise186 , yes there is an Edge update waiting but I’ve had too much on to want to reboot, especially as I had some “fun” updating Windows and Office recently.


I can’t really think of anything you would be doing with the Ovo website though that would make a difference even if I were a year behind. I would hope that the website is written for the widest possible coverage. Indeed, I might expect even IE11 support for a commercial brand. Though I’d certainly give you a “let” for that if you didn’t support it :grinning:

I’ve at least now got the app working after it broke itself a few months ago (actually probably 6-10). Now that I’ve removed it and re-installed it is working again.

Anyway, thanks for the responses and I’ll keep an eye out for the update.

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You’ll be amazed at what forum volunteers can do. :blush:

Hehehe, the internet changes a LOT you know. And here’s the snag with Microsoft Edge. There’s at least, like… THREE different versions of it!

You’ve got the original Edge Legacy (aka IEdge) which first launched with Windows 10 1507 (aka the day Windows 10 first became a thing) which I kid you not… Was just Internet Explorer with a fancy skin over the top and it still effectively used the Trident and EdgeHTML engines making it IE12 effectively. I’ll probably refer to that one as IEdge in the future, since it’ll be easier for everyone else to know which one I’m refering to.

Then you’ve got the second Edge Legacy sometimes known as Edge 17 which I think came out with Windows 10 1809(?) (correcting myself, it’s actually Windows 10 1803 where Edge 17 first debuted and where it was still primarily using the EdgeHTML engine for the most part) which is the one where Microsoft started to transition to the Chromium engine, but was still very much the same Edge Legacy as before, just with very minor changes. When I refer to Edge Legacy going forward, it’ll be this one in most cases.

And then you’ve got Edge Chromium which is the new Edge that actually runs on the Chromium engine, but can flip back to Trident/EdgeHTML if you really want it to by using Internet Explorer Mode - not that I’d recommend it because you’d also bring back all the nightmares of Internet Explorer! Any references I make to ChrEdge from now on are in reference to this one.

I kinda wish Microsoft had renamed Edge when they rebuilt it as Edge Chromium (or ChrEdge as some people call it). But I guess marketing wins that battle… Again…

Anyway, the User Agent is basically one of the easiest ways for me to not only know what version of Edge you’ve got, but also which Edge you’ve got - IEdge, Edge Legacy or ChrEdge (and that you’re not using the latter with a global Internet Explorer Mode enabled somehow). :rofl::stuck_out_tongue:

My understanding is that OVO considers ChrEdge as a supported browser (provided you’re not using Internet Explorer Mode) based on the use of the same Chromium engine that’s used by Google Chrome, Chromium, Brave, Vivaldi, Samsung Internet, Opera and a few others. My stance is that if you break MyOVO using ChrEdge and I manage to reproduce it in Chrome or Chromium, I will always tag it with my approval as well.

As for Internet Explorer support… Umm… Not sure about that as I don’t work for OVO and I don’t know the official policy on this one. Let me play a Joker Card there and get my minions (aka the OVO Social Media Team) to do the research for me. :joy:

It’s possible that OVO tries to support IE with their stuff, but it’s likely a low priority and I wouldn’t be surprised if any IE-specific bugs get pushed to the back of the queue. With that being said, I’m still happy to assist members with reporting such bugs anyway - subject to the opinions of Tim and Jess who make the final call about whether it would actually get submitted - but I’d also generally recommend affected members try other browsers. If I can reproduce the same issue in one or more supported browsers though, then yup. I’ll definitely ask for it to be escalated.

However, it’s worth bearing in mind that Internet Explorer is a dead browser anyway that’ll be killed off in just over a year from now and no-one really uses it much anymore. It’s also kinda less of a factor of whether OVO is prepared to support IE and more of a case of whether IE will support modem stuff like MyOVO. I personally don’t bother with spending any time creating custom IE hacks for my websites just to get a dead browser to behave on my own sites because I know that no-one uses it to visit them. If it works, great. But if you can’t use my sites in IE and I find it’s working fine in all modern browsers, I’ll simply come back and ask you to use something that’s not IE. I’m just no longer willing to spend that much time fixing things that only affect dead User Agents. :wink:

As for the app though @knight I can safely say that OVO definitely appreciates any and all bug reports related to the OVO Energy apps, especially if they’re raised via the forum (you can go via support as well, but the forum is a little easier)! It’s been one of my focus areas and I can definitely say with full confidence that some of the recent improvements to the app are a direct result of the efforts of myself and other members on this forum - especially SimonD and TomThumb who come to mind pretty quickly!

If you do spot more issues, we’ll definitely be happy to take a bug report from ya.

You’ll have probably noticed for example that it no longer randomly restarts itself and boots you out while you’re using the app. That’s probably one of my best catches to date although it did cause another bug - the dreaded “spinning circle” one. Please feel free to blame me for that one, it’s kinda my fault that I didn’t consider that flaw in my ingenious solution! I’ve since found a fix for that one and it’s currently being considered. I just hope I won’t need to find a fix to fix the fix that broke the fix which fixed the thing that was originally breaking the app and randomly booting members out! (Phew!).

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Thanks to all. As mentioned, I don’t have a smart meter yet and so should have only been seeing the yearly by month figures. Happy to report that I’m back to seeing those again.

Though I note that the page no longer knows when I submitted my last reading (which was at the weekend).

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Nice. That’s good to see then. Admittedly it’s not quite been the smoothest rollout for this type of change but I know from experience that this forum gets used as part of the telemetry that helps to flag up these sorts of issues (alongside all the other stuff). And the teams are usually pretty quick at realising something messed up!

This is probably another good thing about how MyOVO is built in-house as well in a way. If OVO had bought the system in from a third-party, we’d have to wait for that third-party to not only fix the bug, but also wait for OVO to get the fix which can take a while. I’ve been there.

I’m not seeing any other obvious bugs right now so I suspect the showstoppers are gone for now. But yeah, I’ll be giving this thing a really heavy stress test or two overnight, just in case.

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Thanks for updating us on the remaining bug, @TomThumb.


Just wanted to let you know I’ve passed this one on to the team and will pop back here to update you when I hear more. :ok_hand: