Why have I lost the yearly view and comparisons on my online usage graphs?

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So just a heads-up - The team thinks they’ve sorted the ‘Invalid Dates’ bug now, @TomThumb


Have you checked your usage graphs yet today? - Hoping this is the final fix!:fingers_crossed:

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Howdy @MBA !

Sorry about that! There’s been a known bug recently which did accidentally break the comparison features for a few members. The team has managed to fix it for most members but it sounds like the technical gremlins have managed to escape again. I’ve given @Jess_OVO a shout to see if she can flag this up with the team. Hang in there for a bit and hopefully this can be fixed for you shortly.

It’s worth remembering that MyOVO is custom built in-house by OVO’s own developer team and is constantly evolving unlike most suppliers. While it usually gets better, sometimes the odd bug sneaks in. Apologies for when they do! Forum volunteers like myself are always happy to help though with getting these reported. :)

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Hi @Hongkongandy and welcome to the OVO online community,


Great question to ask about the features available on the usage pages of your online account. I’m wondering if you’ve noticed a change to this feature recently as there was a related discussion we had on this a few months ago, which I’ve now moved your comment over to.


As the best answer above advises the expected features available do depend on your meter type:


Smart users (with exclusively smart meters) will see tabs to toggle between views - they can view daily, monthly and yearly usage.


Traditional users (with exclusively traditional meters) will not see the tabs as they can only view yearly usage.


Mixed meter users (with both types) will not see tabs, but they do see the drop down (within the navigation menu on the left) - they can view yearly and monthly.


Does this reflect what you’re seeing there?


I’m sure our resident bug-hunter @Blastoise186 would love to help get to the bottom of this if not….

I have smets2 and cannot see any toggle to get comparisons on previous months/years?

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Thanks for letting us know!

I’ll see if I can dig into this using my own account over the weekend. If I can figure this out, I’ll write this up as a bug report on this thread and ask Tim or Jess to pass it back to the team.

It’s possible that there’s some A/B Testing going on where some members get one view and other members get the other - but even then all features should be available in some form.

Hang in there and I’ll see I can do some sekrit magic. :)

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Great work - @Blastoise186. Knew you’d figure this one out! :slight_smile:


And some very fair feedback on the availability of the comparison feature when logging in to the OVO app rather than the browser version of your online account@Hongkongandy - I’ve passed this one on to the team as we’re always working on these features so any feedback is really valuable as we make improvements in future.


Have you had a chance to check out the Greenlight feature yet?

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By the way @MBA , I can’t say for sure but it looks as if you might be using an unsupported setup when trying to access MyOVO.

While it looks like you’re using a modern and up-to-date version of Firefox, it looks like you’re either using Windows 7 with Classic Theme or something older. Some websites may break when accessed in this way and Windows 7 isn’t supported by Microsoft anymore. However, since Mozilla still seems to support Windows 7 right now, that’s good enough for me. It might be worth considering an upgrade to Windows 10 or switching to Linux in the future though. :)

I’ve got access to Chrome, Chromium, Firefox and Edge across a few different Windows 10 and Ubuntu Linux machines. If I can reproduce the same issues on those then I’m happy to call it valid even on Windows 7.

I can also verify that the Yearly page is not available for me, however I can reach it via the new tabs. This suggests that either there’s A/B Testing going on right now, or some new changes that are being slowly rolled out and haven’t yet been made available for everyone.

My guess @darkness is that you could either be on the group who won’t see the new view during the test or the rollout hasn’t reached you yet. I can’t say for sure and I’m not able to confirm any of my theories as I’m only a forum volunteer. However, as this does seem like a possible bug, I’ll write something up shortly. :)

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Well, there is definitely something going on here and I think I can pull off a few more bugs out of this later. Which is good for me because I’ve been running low on supplies recently!

This is the problem when you’re like me and literally mine out basically every possible bug in OVO’s stuff faster than the Tech Team can keep up with me and faster than the developers can release new features! Blastoise problems obviously, rather than real world problems… :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I know a possible fix as well, but it’s not necessarily as easy to recommend as you might think as I don’t want my fix to break repeatedly. Leave it with me and I’ll break out Totodile, my ultimate bug blasting gadget and I’ll have a think about this.

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Heya @knight !

Ooh! Thanks for that! This stuff can prove really useful!

I don’t think most of those Console messages are relevant in this case other than the two yellow Warn level ones. Although I use AdBlock with Google Chrome on Swampert, I have ways of making sure it doesn’t get in the way of my bug hunting and all my other devices are completely vanilla states which means that nothing can interfere at all.

It seems as if something unrelated might be messing up your internet connection somehow as you shouldn’t be getting most of those red Error level messages. Are you maybe using something like a PiHole to sinkhole stuff by any chance? It shouldn’t cause MyOVO to break as long as you don’t sinkhole any of OVO’s domains.

EDIT: Ohhh ok. I see. AdGuard for Desktop is acting like a PiHole, that explains it. But yeah, as long as it’s not blocking any OVO domains it shouldn’t get in the way. I personally use my UniFi Dream Machine for that job. :P

I’ve quickly reviewed those messages and compared them to what I’ve been getting, I suspect they’re mostly unrelated except for the yellow Warning messages but if you’re seeing the issue as well, that’s another confirmation of the bug. Can you grab your User Agent for me please by any chance? It might come in useful. :)

The easiest way to get hold of that is to simply Google What is my User Agent? and you’ll see it right at the top of the results. If you’re OK with sharing that, it’ll definitely help a lot. Don’t worry about leaking private info, User Agents never reveal anything that can identify you and they only contain basic device info at most.

Tim and Jess should be back in the morning, so I’ll ask them to feed everything back to the Tech Team who were looking into the issue.

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Haha, nice one! I just like to go totally overboard and block that stuff across all my VLANs at once. I’ve literally made it so that anything on ANY of my VLANs that tries to phone home to Facebook or Zoom gets sinkholed immediately, cuz I don’t trust either of them. But my solution is clever to the point where all that stuff gets Connection Refused instead of 404. Let’s just say that the Suricata IDS which Exploud uses for this purpose is… Powerful stuff…

Apparently it’s also blocked about 37mb of Facebook traffic in the last 24 hours too. Mind you, I have also managed to burn through 36.1GB of of total traffic so far today alone and about 219GB of traffic in the last month...

Yup, that User Agent looks good to me. You’re ever so slightly behind on the updates but not by much - I always allow a 14 day grace period to catch up - but Edge Chromium 90 is close enough.

Shouldn’t take too long to fix (hopefully!).

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Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this one, @Jeffus - something strange certainly seems to be going on here.


I’ve checked in with the team to see if there are any known bugs which could be causing the inconsistencies you’re seeing between the different views of your usage pages and it looks like this could be a new one. 


In order to get to the root of the cause it would be best to contact our Support Team, who’ll have full access to your account and can raise this one to the tech team if it’s not something they’re able to resolve.


Let us know how you get on - we’d love to hear if you notice these corrections rectify themselves. :slight_smile:

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BLAM! My sheer genius has allowed me to track down a possible root cause as to why the Yearly buttons on the sidebar don’t work as expected on the new tabbed view, and I’ve also got a suggested fix too.

Given that Monthly seems to work fine in all cases, it looks like the bug with this one is related to where all the links lead to. I can understand why it’s like this if there’s A/B Testing going on and one of the two sides still has the legacy view though, since you don’t want that to break!

However, the bug seems to be related to the fact that in the new view, the Monthly option in the sidebar always initially pulls up the current month (or the previous/most recent month where data is available if there’s no data for the current month yet). Some clever magic seems to dynamically update that link automatically to match the current month whenever the date rolls over. However, Yearly still points at the old URL and this one redirects to Monthly right now in the new view. So in effect, Monthly will lead you to Monthly as expected, but Yearly currently leads to Monthly via a redirect. Easy fix though.

There definitely seems to be logic that’s been applied to Monthly for this, so the fix would simply be to apply the same logic to Yearly - but with a very slight tweak that points at the current year rather than the current month. 30 second fix perhaps?

I don’t know when this fix might be able to go live as it depends on whether anything else might break. But I’ll definitely leave my thoughts here just in case they’re useful. :)

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Haha, they’re gonna love this thread then!

I’ve actually just posted something related too, so just in case I’m fast enough here’s another relevant thread that’s worth a look.


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Takes a look and smashes the fix to pieces in under 10 seconds flat!

Unfortunately @Jess_OVO that fix may have made it even more broken than before! I’m not sure if it’s just because the fix is still being implemented via multiple Commits and the latest Deployment to MyOVO is based on one of those Commits where the full fix hasn’t been implemented yet but…

Neither of the buttons works right now - Monthly or Yearly. However, going to just /usage without /monthly or /yearly on the end does work as per the previous behaviour - so this seems like a possible regression.

Could you ask someone to flip the switch again please?

On the plus side, the buttons do now at least lead to /monthly and /yearly as intended, so at least that existing bug is technically squashed. But in doing so, caused the HTTP 404 bug. Sounds like they don’t redirect properly!

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No worries! It’s definitely better than leaving you totally stuck with no access!

I’m only a forum volunteer myself and other than helping out on this forum as a volunteer, I don’t work for OVO myself. I wouldn’t be surprised if a job offer gets sent my way some day though. XD

However, I can say that I have built up a reputation for smashing up OVO’s stuff and in some cases actually helping to fix them. But most of my fixes end up breaking more stuff. Sorry! :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not technically possible for one person to turn off every smart meter at once - DCC just acts like a network but they can’t actually control meters once they’re commissioned, since control gets passed to the active supplier. If the network went down, all smart meters would continue to work, they just won’t be able to use smart features for a while.

Do you definitely have smart meters? If you don’t have smart meters at all, or have a smart electric meter and a traditional gas meter, you might not see the tabs at all, but the sidebar options should work - and those are THE most critical factor. I suspect the Tech Team are probably actively monitoring this thread because Jess hadn’t reacted by the time the latest sub-bug got fixed. This is why it’ll probably help to keep everything related to this particular bug in the same thread for now, just to make it easier.

I also wonder what happens if your smart meters are in either Half-Hourly, Daily and Monthly mode. That could also be relevant in some way...

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I’ve actually just had a Private Message from someone at OVO a few minutes ago.

They asked me not to reveal themselves which is understandable, but they have allowed me to share an update on this bug. Naturally however, rules don’t apply to this AI SkyNet Blastoise and I smash them up just like I smash up everything else! So, there’s only one person at OVO who would have asked to remain hidden and can totally trust me to keep it that way. Isn’t that right… @Jess_OVO ? :rofl:

I couldn’t possibly know who this anonymous @Jess_OVO is! :innocent:

I’ve had confirmation that this entire bug is definitely on the radar to be fixed and that this thread is indeed being monitored actively by the team who’s been working on these upgrades recently. They actually managed to fix the fix that I broke almost as fast as I broke it. If anyone manages to break it again, please let us know here and the team will be notified if needed.

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If it’s fixed for us, then there’s a good chance it’s fixed for everyone. Let me ask @Simond to see if he can check as well, along with the ultimate test… @TomThumb could you take a look when you’re free?

I do not appear to have the comparison function anymore, has this been removed? 

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Morning all @Blastoise186  @Jess_OVO  @knight @darkness 

For confirmation, both my accounts are showing invalid date on the year tab view.

The comparison tab is up & running with no issues across both accounts.

As knight has mentioned, my traditional gas meter account now has the ability to show the date of the last meter reading in 2 locations, but the info box under the graph has no entry.


On a side note @Blastoise186  the usage on my gas only account hasn’t changed over the last 8 months, although my monthly bill reflects the zero usage & even the graph dose drop back to zero eventually, it doesn’t stop Orion from taking a wild guess every month 😀😀😀




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It’s hard to say if this one’s a bug report or a feature request, so I guess it’s time for a hybrid!

This is related to the thread below, please check there for more info - I’ll also be posting a link in that thread which leads back to this one as well due to them being related.

One thing I have noticed is that the one-at-a-time arrow clicking method in the new Usage views is great for rapidly jumping from one year to another, but it really doesn’t work that well if you want to jump between days or even several jumps in one go. I can use hax to get around it by fiddling with the URL to punch in exactly what I want, but it’s not ideal to fast-jump that way.

It would really help if there were additional options added that would allow me to jump more than one step at a time both in MyOVO and the OVO Energy apps, especially to reduce fatigue from repeatedly clicking the same thing and to reduce server load a little.

Ideally, it would be great to have these added alongside the existing options, so that it preserves backwards compatibility and maintains the ease of rapidly jumping forwards and backwards one step. But a more rapid option for larger jumps would be nice!

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Thanks for letting us know the ‘Invalid Date’ bug is still not sorted, @TomThumb


The team have recommended that you should restart your browser or do a force refresh, as they hope that should resolve the issue. If not keep us posted as we can look into this one further. :thumbsup:

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Unfortunately @Jess_OVO the invalid date issue has not cleared after a browser refresh 🙈

Running a clean instance of Firefox & cache cleared on chrome,

I’m still getting the invalid date for the year view on both accounts.


The good news is, the previous missing date for my last meter reading on my traditional gas meter account has been resolved, the info box under the graph chart, now has no reference for this data.

The line of

your last meter reading was submitted on ?? 
has now been removed completely 👍